Newest Version of GoConcierge Helps Enhance Guest Satisfaction

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.—June 19, 2017—At the busy 250-room Paséa Hotel & Spa, a resort located just steps from the beachfront in Huntington Beach, California, the guest service team is delivering personalized service fast and efficiently thanks to GoConcierge, the lodging industry’s leading online concierge software. GoConcierge, produced by Los Angeles-based, has been in place since shortly after the hotel opened in June 2016. “In all my 16 years, it was the smoothest rollout of a system I have ever seen,” says Marty Koontz, the resort’s Chef Concierge and a member of Les Clefs d’Or USA. “It is gratifying that Marty and her team were able to embrace our concierge application so quickly and have it add value to many departments throughout the operation,” says Adam Isrow, Executive Vice President of “Marty’s leadership has contributed greatly to the way in which GoConcierge has become a valuable resource for her team members and a complete operations solution.” It was six months ago that Koontz and her team upgraded to GoConcierge’s next generation software with numerous features to further enhance guest service and satisfaction. Koontz’s staff of 15 (and growing) are given GoConcierge training once hired. Valuable Reports Available from GoConcierge Reports generated from GoConcierge help Koontz know when to schedule associates and provide insight into labor costs. Daily transportation reports also detail taxi, limousine and rental car activity. Koontz also uses GoConcierge for inventory tracking—to track the towels, cabanas and umbrellas that are given out as part of the resort’s beach butler service. Revenue associated with those rentals is also tracked in GoConcierge. For the resort’s Club Blue guest loyalty program, Koontz and her team use GoConcierge to build guest preference profiles. These profiles track valuable preferences which can be very beneficial on future stays and to efficiently communicate these details to the appropriate team members. Primarily, GoConcierge is used at the Paséa Hotel & Spa for task tracking, whether it be a restaurant reservation, a lost and found item, amenity, or incoming package. Using GoConcierge’s Guest Task Calendar, a hotel associate can log and track guest and other requests and tasks quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, these can be entered and located. The calendar is color coded, which makes it easy to highlight open, pending and closed tasks. Because GoConcierge is Web based, multiple departments including concierge, front desk, reservations, accounting, F&B, sales, and events all have access. Being on the same page as a team is critical at the hotel known for hosting celebrities and royalty. “There is a huge impact in the kitchen,” Koontz adds. “By being able to track amenities within GoConcierge, we can control food and labor costs. The chef can quickly see what needs to be prepared in the coming days. He knows when to bring in extra help. GoConcierge makes it easy to plan for amenities for VIPs.” Koontz says she remembers the days when she used to rely on Post-it notes to keep track of “to do” items for guests. “Now, thanks to GoConcierge our entire team is equipped with access to pertinent information that can be accessed quickly to help the guest,” she says. “Guests are able to receive desired information by e-mail or by text.” If a guest has a question about an area restaurant or attraction, a quick visit to GoConcierge’s database, powered in part by Google Places, provides the answer. “Quick access to the right data helps take the guess work out of it,” Koontz says. Communication by Text Made Easy GoConcierge’s text messaging option in the Calendar is a feature that is used frequently. One can send instant messages to the recipient’s cell phone. When the recipient responds to the text message, it automatically appears in the Calendar as a flashing message to alert the concierge so the request can be handled quickly. A message center in GoConcierge tracks all e-mail/text correspondence with guests. The Paséa Hotel & Spa was one of the first properties implementing the newest version of GoConcierge. “It is working extremely well,” Koontz says. “Adam and his team are always there to provide support and suggestions on how we can further customize the application. has been fantastic.”

“It is great to see how the Paséa Hotel & Spa is benefiting from the GoConcierge application in so many ways,” Isrow says. “Our goal is to add value by making the team more efficient so they can spend more time and attention on the guest. Clearly, this is being achieved.”