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Hoteliers can easily deploy this latest edition and leverage competitive advantages with minimal disruption 

September 17, 2014 - Professional Accounting Solutions, Inc. announced the December 1st, 2014 release of their pasCLOUD USALI (Uniform Systems of Accounts for the Lodging Industry) 11th Edition Core to allow hoteliers to maintain compliancy by seamlessly implementing the new required procedures and formats by the January, 2015 start date. 

As with any organizational change, hoteliers face potential challenges with moving to the latest edition such as modifying source system coding, altering or rewriting current financial reports, re-categorizing, reconciling and educating staff.  pasCLOUD has eliminated the guesswork and the pain associated with migrating a production back office system to the new standard. 

pasCLOUD - A complete back office accounting package designed specifically for hoteliers, facilitates adoption of the latest changes with pre-built migration tools, best practices and education tools already included.  This includes over 40 pre-built reports and dashboards, an Expense Dictionary with over 4,000 items, hundreds of application integrations ready to go, and complete governance and oversight.  With no software or hardware to buy or implement, on-boarding is fast with minimal disruption to the organization.

“We are showing our commitment to the hospitality industry”, states Bill Euler, PAS President and CEO.  “pasCLOUD facilitates a timely, easy, accurate, and cost effective solution that embraces the latest cloud technologies and we are proud to be one of the first to offer that compliancy that hoteliers demand.”

About PAS

Located in Gaithersburg, MD, PAS has been providing back-office expertise to a global client base, including top hotel chains, independent hotels, luxury resorts, boutique hotels, and casinos, for over 27 years. With over than 1000 hotel and casino installations in over 87 countries, PAS has a proven record of success. PAS brings experience and best practice solutions to your business. For more information:

Contact: Heather Shook-Afable / 301-762-8208

About pasCLOUD

pasCLOUD is back office solution specifically designed for hotels and the hybrid cloud environment as a software as a service.  pasCLOUD leverages groundbreaking technologies that deliver new levels of usability, connectivity, and insight.  It is compliant with the USALI 10th edition (soon to be USALI 11th edition), providing standardization across your enterprise, and satisfies GAAP, IFRS and global statutory and tax.  Visit:

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