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Integration no longer needs to be difficult

With hundreds of connections already in place, pasUNITY Integration HUB (IHUB) already connects to a majority of applications in any given hotelier’s financial ecosystem. “pasUNITY IHUB, a next generation technology, that’s built specifically around hospitality, leverages our experience in connecting over 1,000 hotels across the globe to revenue generation, labor, payroll, banking and other auxiliary systems for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and year-end transaction load, reporting and consolidation,” says Bill Euler, President and CEO of pasUNITY.

Hoteliers require data, and lots of it. This approach and design eliminates the countless hours tracking interface failures and virtually eliminates the downtime waiting for programmers to correct, test, re-deploy and reconcile.

“It is my personal mission to eliminate integration heartburn,” says Euler, “There is a better and more cost effective way to accomplish this age-old challenge.” pasUNITY can easily manage all of a hoteliers integration requests leveraging their secure cloud based infrastructure, covering both cloud and on-premise exchanges. To add to its many benefits, pasUNITY IHUB is failure aware, multi-threaded and immediately available.

pasUNITY simply offers a new and multi-faceted approach for connections to applications in just hours. Leveraging next generation technologies, pasUNITY can easily capture almost any report or data set from a source system – validate, analyze, transform, map, and deliver hands free. Built by accountants, pasUNITY IHUB offers some unparalleled balancing, mapping, audit and control features simply not found in other integration solutions.

About PAS

Located in Gaithersburg, MD, PAS has been providing back-office expertise to a global client base, including top hotel chains, independent hotels, luxury resorts, boutique hotels, and casinos, for almost 30 years. With over than 1,000 hotel and casino installations in over 87 countries, PAS has a proven record of success. PAS brings experience and best practice solutions to your business. For more information: 

Contact: Heather Shook-Afable / 7023371081

About pasUNITY

pasUNITY provides an infrastructure that can easily and quickly integrate on premise applications and cloud-based applications. Included with pasUNITY is an accounting centric, suite of technology services which enable the development, execution and governance of such processes.  pasUNITY integrations can connect many combinations of applications, services, and data across an unlimited number of locations and business units - departments, clients, suppliers, partners and companies. For more information:

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