California’s most revered destination, since 1923, becomes the latest to join Knowcross’ roster in the US

Washington D.C., October 22nd 2018 – KNOWCROSS, the preferred service quality management platform of the finest hotels across the globe, is the preferred choice of the Ojai Valley Inn to help them automate their work-flow management and housekeeping departments, in an effort to maximize efficiencies and deliver enhanced guest experiences.

The Ojai Valley Inn has tapped into the cutting-edge technology and innovation of the Knowcross platform, which enables them to provide a top-notch and highly personalized service for their esteemed guests.

“The Knowcross Platform helps our teams streamline operations while increasing productivity across the board. We are delighted we decided to partner with Knowcross, as the solution enhanced our teams’ response times to guest requests/issues as well as improved our internal communications. Enhanced relationships with guests and better anticipation of their needs are just a few direct and instant business benefits of Knowcross” commented Charif Zahrane, Director Information Technology & LP.

Knowcross solutions seamlessly integrate with a hotel's Property Management Software (PMS). This allows the applications to automatically pick up on special request codes, assign jobs to the right staff and enable quick service recovery. Zahrane adds “Because of the platform’s simplicity we have seen a high level of internal adoption, which in return helped with change management during and post-implementation”

“I’m excited that the Ojai Valley Inn decided to go with the Knowcross platform to enhance the proficiency of their work-flow management, housekeeping and job dispatch operations. The Knowcross implementation team worked with the different departments to ensure that all users get to use and experience the power of the platform in a proper manner, enabling them to raise the standard of guest service to the next level” said Karen O’Neill, President – Americas, Knowcross.