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Reno, Nevada (June 20, 2018) -- Nonstop Inc, a new technology start-up, is launching a line of wireless charging solutions at Hitec Houston. The launch comes on the heels of Apple announcing late last year that their new phone models will support Qi Wireless charging. With Apple's announcement, Paul Golden, VP of Wireless Power Consortium, expects the number of Qi compatible devices to grow to 1 billion by 2020.

Neil Betterton, Co-Founder and CEO of Nonstop, aims to capitalize on this emerging trend similar to what he’s done in the past with other technologies.  For 15 years he oversaw product development at Teleadapt, a global leader in guest facing technology solutions - during this time he was instrumental in bringing both bluetooth and USB charging for hotels into the mainstream. When asked about the future of wireless charging in hotels, Betterton had this to say

“In the near future the charging paradigm will shift.  People will have places in their home, office, and car where setting the phone down and topping it off with a charge are synonymous.  Finding and physically attaching to a cable will go by the wayside.  We will help hotels adapt to these changes in guest behavior.  Of course USB remains key to support a wide range of devices.  When I travel it’s iphone X, Bose wireless earbuds, and Apple Watch.

Bettertons right hand man is creative director, Matthew Paprocki, who has received numerous awards for his designs in consumer electronics. He is largely responsible for the success of the popular Soundfreaq brand. Together they form a team dedicated to providing products with a killer feature set and decor driven design that will make guests feel at home. While Hitec is set to be the coming out party for this budding young brand, Betterton believes this is just the beginning for Nonstop.

“What we have traditionally seen on the nightstand we call a ‘clock radio’.  But this is fast changing.  For example, if it’s a personal device charger with a speaker and a voice assistant that connects with hotel staff- what will we call that?  What does that device look like?  How do we make guest interaction with the device frictionless?  This technology on the horizon will fuel our new product development in the coming years and that’s a challenge we are really excited about.

The new venture takes a refreshing approach to the mundane bedside electronics that have been offered to the hospitality industry. Developed by Nonstop Design Studios, they will be releasing a complete offering of decor-driven designs developed specifically for guests needs in hotels. If you’re going to Hitec you can stop by their booth #2048 to see the full line, or you can check out a preview on their website at

About Nonstop

We are Nonstop
We are mobile technology enthusiasts with different, complimentary backgrounds.  An award winning consumer electronics designer and a seasoned hospitality business leader have joined forces around a shared vision for developing unique products for the hospitality industry.  Products that solve pervasive business problems while delighting users. Products that are decor-driven and approachable; modern and incorporating the latest mobile technologies.We are a team of experienced professionals that are passionate about providing unique, customizable electronics to the hotel market at affordable prices.  

Contact: John Ropp / 925.200.5853

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