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Recent study shows Americans get anxious at check-in after just three minutes with satisfaction scores dropping by 50 points after five minutes; Research indicates solutions like Mobile Key by OpenWays would remove frustration with long lines by allowing travelers to bypass the front desk and proceed directly to their rooms using any of the 6.8 billion cell phones on the market (including non smartphones)

Los Angeles - FEBRUARY 19, 2014 - A recent study published by The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration reports the clock is running on guest satisfaction, especially when it comes to hotel check in. American travelers start getting antsy after just a three minute wait in line, and Canadians get frustrated after just four minutes. This study reveals that when thresholds are exceeded, guest satisfactions scores can drop by an astonishing 50 points. To eliminate wait times for travelers who prefer to avoid the front desk altogether, hotels around the world are turning to Mobile Key by OpenWays

Mobile Key enables hotel guests to completely bypass the front-desk and go directly to their rooms upon arrival, using their mobile keys - any of the 6.8 billion phones on the planet - to securely unlock their room doors. In addition to the U.S., Mobile Key by OpenWays is deployed around the world in Europe, Asia and Oceana. As a ubiquitous global solution and not dependant on any single lock manufacturer or model, the OpenWays solution enables chains and brands to implement a single, consistent global solution in the most cost-effective manner possible.

"The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell continues to look at the issues that drive results in our industry," said Peter Klebanoff, OpenWays SVP of business development. "This recent research, especially when viewed in the light of several other studies published by The Center, assigns measurable financial and guest satisfaction impacts on various elements of the guest experience, such as check-in times, and the benefits of self-service options, such as a well-executed self-check-in option. Clearly, if a hotel guest is frustrated before he or she gets to the room, the entire stay experience has been compromised. Should the experience with front desk staff become even more aggravating, dissatisfaction is compounded. We believe these studies support our assertion that the best possible way to avoid traveler stress and ensure satisfaction is to implement a front-desk bypass option to check in with Mobile Key by OpenWays." 

Readers are encouraged to review the referenced studies by clicking on these links:

As long as a hotel is equipped with Mobile Key by OpenWays, any guest, using any cell phone, running on any carrier network worldwide can securely receive a room number and "mobile room key" that will, using advanced encryption, open/unlock the room door. It doesn't matter if a guest is carrying a standard cell phone or a smartphone - both will allow him or her to open the door to the room by simply pressing a key icon or clicking a link. When the guest makes a reservation at an OpenWays equipped hotel, he or she is invited to enroll in the Mobile Key service (on a hotel-branded site) before the check-in date. Then, on the day of arrival, the guest receives a message on his/her cell phone containing the room number and a secured link to retrieve the room key; those running the hotel-enable Mobile Key app have the opening function enabled for their assigned room. Now the guest has the option of receiving attended service at the front desk or zipping straight to their room, knowing that they may obtain a supplemental keycard at anytime during their stay.

"The availability of Mobile Key by OpenWays gives travelers a choice in how they check-in, and it creates a more relaxed atmosphere for travelers upon arrival," Klebanoff said. "A more relaxed atmosphere for guests also means a less stressful work day for hotel staff. No matter how automated the check-in process has become, it's still tedious and time consuming, especially if the person doing check in also has to answer phones, retrieve faxes, provide directions, store baggage etc. With many activities going on at a typical front desk, guests can easily get the impression that providing them service is a distraction, rather than a core function. Instead, by allowing guests to use their personal mobile phones as their room key and bypassing the front-desk at check-in, it empowers staff to better undertake their tasks and dedicate more quality time to those guests who do choose to come to the front desk."

Higher Satisfaction Scores + Better Reviews = More Revenues

Cornell University also released findings confirming that guest satisfaction has a direct impact on the financial performance of hotels. Conducted by Associate Professor Chris Anderson, the study shows that a 1-point increase in a hotel's 100-point Global Review Index™ (GRI) leads up to a 0.89% increase in price (ADR), a 0.54% increase in occupancy, and a 1.42% increase in Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR). The study verifies that the impact is across all distribution channels: online and off. 

"If guests have a bad hotel experience, they are going to tell everyone they know online and via social media," Klebanoff said. "Consumers trust online reviews, and if enough travelers start posting comments about long lines, slow check in or rude staff, it's going to have a direct impact on the bottom-line and the hotel's online reputation. Hoteliers need options to modify the processes that may lead to reasons to complain and negatively affect guest satisfaction scores and ultimately customer loyalty and the bottom line. 

"Mobile Key by OpenWays is designed to take guest dissatisfaction with the arrival process out of the equation," he said. "Before guests even arrive they will have a positive attitude about their experience, knowing there will be no delays at the front desk or at a kiosk just to obtain a room key. With Mobile Key by OpenWays, everyone wins: guests are happier . . . staff is happier . . . bottom lines are healthier . . . and online reputations are protected. And of course, for Millennials in particular, there is the 'cool factor.'"

To see OpenWays' Mobile Key for hotels technology in action, click here. For more information on OpenWays' full line of Mobile Key solutions, visit or contact Peter Klebanoff at

About OpenWays

OpenWays is a global solutions provider of mobile-based access-management and security solutions. With offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seoul and in Europe, OpenWays provides technology solutions allowing for the secure issuance and delivery of access rights and keys processed via any cell phone operating on any network. The OpenWays solution is truly unique as it is built on the concept of credential dematerialization. The OpenWays mobile room key solution works on ALL the 6.8 billion cell phones in service in the world today. For more information, please contact Barb Worcester at +1 440 930-5770 or email More information can be found by visiting

Contact: Barb Worcester, PRPRO / (440) 930-5770

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