SAN DIEGO, CA – Hotels and resorts struggling with loss of towels have a new option for their guest’s makeup removal and hygiene needs.  Continuing in its spirit of innovation, Nimbus has debuted a new plant-based towel that can be used on the face, body, and even surfaces to clean away dirt and germs while also carrying a number of eco-friendly credentials including being FSC Certified, compostable, reusable, plastic-free, and flushable.  These towels come in a compressed form when shipped and expand when water is added so companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their ESG ratings stand to benefit by replacing their current cotton-based towels with these new and innovative ones from Nimbus.

The multi-use cleansing towels have been extensively tested and certified to provide hotels valuable and informative claim sets that are backed by 3rd party auditing bodies like FSC, ASTM, TUV, and OEKO-TEX so their patrons can quickly understand and use the product.  Once added into a room’s sink tray or mini bar, guests have a quick and easy way to remove makeup, clean their hands or body and importantly, reduce their impact by not using a traditional cotton towel that must be washed each time the room is serviced by housekeepers.  “As we’ve had more and more conversations with Housekeeping Directors and Sustainability Officers in the Hospitality industry, we’ve learned about the disastrous extent of loss from hygiene towels in room as well as the increasing costs of laundry service and the chemicals required to keep traditional towels clean and fresh,” said Josh Askin, EVP of Sales for Nimbus, “our new cleansing towels are designed to provide guests with a fun and superior way to remove makeup, clean messes, or remove dirt and grime when they’re in the room or enjoying a property.”

Nimbus is dedicated to eco-innovation and these towels not only provide customers with a zero plastic, zero-chemical cleaning option, they allow hotels to reduce their carbon emissions through decreased transport of bulky cotton towels and decreased use of electricity and chemicals required for laundry service.  The towels are available in a range of sizes from 9” x 9” all the way up to 30” x 50” in a beach towel format, giving resorts the ability to offer the smaller towels as an in-room amenity or selling the larger sizes in the mini bar or gift shop.  The towels can be custom branded and come packaged in either food-grade paper wrapping or bio-plastic.  “We look forward to helping resorts across the world decrease their carbon footprint while providing a fun and interactive way for their guests to stay clean and fresh during their stays,” said Mark Samuels, President of Nimbus, “These innovative towels are a simple and easy way for the hospitality sector to tout their sustainability efforts and save money.”