Intelity provides insight into the potential implications of the Internet of Things and rising use of mobile by travelers on the hospitality industry.

ORLANDO, Fla. – June 25, 2015 – Hotels are increasingly investing in ways to meet guest expectations when it comes to technology, and a new white paper from Intelity, creator of the ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) guest services platform, offers a look at ways this digital expansion will shape the hospitality industry.

Mobile technology provides an intimate digital experience that is a necessity for hotel guests, said Intelity Chief Technology Officer Chris Grey during a presentation titled “What’s Next in Mobility.” The session was one of several Tech Talks at this year’s HITEC, the largest hospitality technology trade show in the world, at the Austin Convention Center from June 16 – 18.

Grey provided three main pieces of advice for hoteliers when it comes to revitalizing their mobile strategy beyond the basics:

  • Use Bluetooth technologies, such as keyless room entry and Beacons, to innovate the guest experience
  • Leverage push messaging to create bidirectional communication and provide enhanced communications to guests
  • Look ahead at how to consolidate digital services and information into one channel or application to maximize convenience of access throughout the guest cycle

Big data is another area that hoteliers should look at to improve connection with guests, Grey said, but investing in the right tools to collect and analyze that data, especially through mobile channels, is where the true value lies.

“Visualizing data is extremely important,” Grey said. “We’re way past the age where just downloading an Excel format of data is important. We have to look at modern recording tools, how we can use that data and how we can actually apply it.”

A more in-depth look at the topics covered by Grey is the subject of Intelity’s recently published white paper, “Smarter Hotels: How the Internet of Things is Impacting Hospitality.” It includes commentary and research on a variety of topics including:

  • Increased use of mobile devices during the travel cycle
  • Potential applications of wearable devices to improve the guest experience
  • What is the Internet of Things and how does it relate to hospitality?
  • Demands on hotel networks caused by the Bring Your Own Device trend

Intelity CEO and President David Adelson said, “It’s now common for travelers to carry three or four connected devices with them, and they view these as a part of their travel and hotel experience. Their digital appetite is only growing, especially with the availability of new connected devices that are becoming an active part of our daily lives. Our goal with this white paper, which is one of a series, is to provide the education necessary for hoteliers to remain on the leading edge so that they can make the right decisions today for their technology needs of tomorrow.”

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