Shiji Group releases new report with insightful findings from survey conducted on the current state of hotel technology, covering the location of tech, integrations, goals, evaluation criteria, roles and priorities.

BERLIN, Germany, June 1, 2021 – Shiji Group has released its findings from a report, in collaboration with Travel Singularity, on “The Current State of Technology in Hotels and The Way Forward,” with in-depth findings such as within 2023, the majority of hotel tech infrastructures will be completely deployed to the cloud.

At the beginning of 2021, the consulting firm, Travel Singularity, was commissioned by Shiji Group to conduct a survey on the current state of hotel technology, covering topics ranging from the current location of technology (cloud vs on-premise), integrations, technology goals, evaluation criteria, the role of people, and priorities for the challenging year ahead.

The aim of the survey was to show that the hospitality industry rebound is a global challenge that can be achieved together by putting the right technology at the heart of operations. The report also shows that while touchless technology is an unstoppable trend at the moment, even after the pandemic, hoteliers are still planning to invest in innovation.

Main findings from the survey and report include:

• The ability to increase profitability and the technology’s capabilities are the top evaluation criteria for selecting new technology.

• Hoteliers want to find a technology balance. 62% say that a high priority is figuring out the right people/technology balance to operate in the most lean, efficient way possible.

• Replacing commonly touched items is a priority for hoteliers. Survey Question: Which aspects of the guest journey are you looking to digitize in 2021? 70%: Printed hotel information collateral 37%: Room service requests 37%: Room keys 56%: Check-in/Check-out process.

“With all the changes occurring in the industry from the COVID-19 pandemic, we found the need to conduct a survey on the perception that hoteliers have towards technology adaption today, and moving forward, post-pandemic. Partnering with Travel Singularity, the report shows how the pandemic accelerated the rise of certain technologies, like touchless solutions, and how the industry will rebound together by putting the right technology at the heart of its operations,” said Kevin King, Chief Operating Officer of Shiji Group.

Find the full report and its findings here.