Vizergy – Digital Travel Marketing, a leading provider of online hospitality marketing, is celebrating the latest Personalization advancement to its already best-in-class Website Marketing Platform. A fully integrated Personalization product within the company’s content management system (CMS) uses guest intelligence to create customized website content. Delivering extremely relevant, personalized content for travel shoppers is the key to creating meaningful customer experiences and boosting online conversions. The payoff for brands leveraging this technology is tremendous. According to Adobe “nearly two-thirds of companies using these types of technologies are out pacing the competition”

Personalization delivers a unique content experience and personalized marketing message based on location, history, device, behavior and more. These additions will allow hotel website clients to take advantage of the latest technology to navigate the world of personalization without the use of third party platforms.

“We are excited about the online conversion opportunities this enhanced personalization technology brings to our already robust website marketing platform,” says Vice President of IT, Addams England. “Vizergy is committed to staying at the forefront of new technology to give our clients the very best in revenue-generating technology.” England continues, “the goal for this enhancement is to make it much easier for our clients to deploy, change and optimize content dynamically on their website. Many current systems require complicated integrations and coordination between the webmaster, the marketing team and third party applications.” “Our latest enhancement is built natively into the CMS giving our clients a very rich set of conversion optimization tools that can be deployed quickly.”