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Oct. 04--AUSTIN -- More than a month after Hurricane Harvey blasted the Texas coast, more than 62,000 people who fled the destruction and flooding remain holed up in hotels in the Lone Star State and 33 others, new federal statistics showed Wednesday.

Federal Emergency Management Agency officials said those evacuees are housed in 22,032 hotel and motel rooms across the country -- most of them in Texas.

The 62,161 evacuees from Texas were housed in 22,032 different hotel rooms, many of them families staying in for several weeks because their homes or apartments were destroyed in what has been billed as the country's most expensive hurricane in recent history.

The folks receiving federal assistance in the federal Transitional Sheltering Program are in states as far away Washington State, Virginia, Massachusetts and even Minnesota. Officials speculated that they are likely staying there close to relatives until they can get their Texas affairs back in order after the storm.

In all, the feds have paid for 843,937 nights in hotels and motels -- at an approximate average cost of around $100 per night -- since the storm blew ashore in Texas,devastating areas from Corpus Christi to Victoria to Houston to Beaumont.

Damage has been estimated at well over $150 billion -- with a 'b.'

The list of where they are, from FEMA, the agency paying the tab:

Alabama, 4

Arkansas, 21

Arizona, 3

California, 31

Colorado, 12

Florida, 22

Georgia, 36

Iowa, 3

Illinois, 18

Indiana, 2

Kansas, 4

Kentucky, 3

Louisiana, 1,026

Massachusetts, 1

Maryland, 3

Michigan, 4

Minnesota, 4

Missouri, 7

Mississippi, 29

North Carolina, 3

Nebraska, 2

New Jersey, 1

New Mexico, 8

New York, 8

Ohio, 1

Oklahoma, 34

South Carolina, 5

Tennessee, 10

Texas, 22,550

Utah, 1

Virginia, 10

Washington state, 3

Wisconsin, 1

West Virginia, 1

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