Travel and Hospitality marketing agency Puzzle Partner shares content marketing tactics that drive trust, visibility and sales

TORONTO, ON (January 25, 2018) – We have entered an age where leadership matters more than ever — thought leadership, to be exact. Building trust, credibility, awareness, and influence to increase profits is more than just a goal of most CEOs and executives. It’s also the topic of a new guide from the leading travel and hospitality technology marketing agency, Puzzle Partner. The firm recently published “Thought Leader – Market Leader” developed to help brands become a sought-after source for information that leads to new business opportunities, stronger relationships, sales enablement and more.

By communicating thought leadership, you become part of the conversation, early in the buying journey. According to a study from The Economist Group, around 80% of executives said superior thought leadership influences both their purchasing decisions and choice of business partner. Over 90% of C-Suite executives surveyed agreed that their respect and admiration for an organization increased after engaging with strong thought leadership. And more than 80% said that thought leadership has increased their trust in a vendor organization. In other words, for companies that get thought leadership right, the payoff can be significant.

“The best time to start content marketing was five years ago, the second-best time is now,” explains Alan Young, President of Puzzle Partner. “Thought leadership content should be a natural extension of your current marketing efforts, and every CEO and CMO should make sure that their team has a committed plan, with a steady cadence to maximize results and stay top of mind. This guide is designed to help brands of all sizes do just that. That said, some companies may find that outsourcing to a specialized agency makes more financial sense because it does require significant resources, talent, expertise and distribution capabilities.”

Available for download through the company’s website, the guide details some simple steps companies of all sizes can take to improve their brand recognition, boost search engine visibility, expand their network, build authority, and earn the respect of their industry to grow their business. CLICK HERE to get your free copy today at

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