New Campus Project to Be Used by Hotel Professionals for Training and Education Available in Volterra, Tuscany

/New Campus Project to Be Used by Hotel Professionals for Training and Education Available in Volterra, Tuscany

New Campus Project to Be Used by Hotel Professionals for Training and Education Available in Volterra, Tuscany

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Dr. Frederico J. DeMicco, Aramark Chaired Professor of Hospitality Business Management at the University of Delaware (UD), has been named President of International Academics at The Learning Village in Tuscany, part of the Scuola Internazionale Di Alta Formazione (SIAF) Campus (

In his role Dr. DeMicco will continue to inform faculty and help coordinate their programming in educational, research and service activities in Tuscany and around Italy. In addition, he will help the Foundation for the Bank of Volterra develop a consortium of other University partners around the US and the world to join UD in educational and scholarly endeavours at the Tuscany Campus and with partners throughout the region. Partners include hotels, resorts, spas, healthcare and rehabilitation research centers, art institutes, educational partners, government groups, banks and others interested in scholarly projects given the rich history and artefacts going back over 3,000 years in history. Tour book writer and television personality Rick Steves calls Volterra “his favorite small town in Tuscany”.

In spring 2016, the University of Delaware launched a full-semester interdisciplinary study abroad program in Tuscany, Italy. During this historic first, UD faculty and undergraduates will live and learn in a modern campus in an historic hilltop town — Volterra, Italy — an hour from Florence, Pisa and Siena.

The semester program represents the combined efforts of the Institute for Global Studies (IGS), the College of Arts and Science (CAS) and the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics.

“The semester program just ended has proved how the SIAF campus and territory are a welcoming and stimulating environment for students; in addition to numerous educational activities they have been visits to discover the history and Italian culture. Many suggestions have been given to faculty on their topics involving students emotionally and encouraging them to think beyond their schemes.

Personally I was very pleased to see the students so motivated and excited every day of this experience in our Country. A special thanks to the Foundation of the local Bank, to Prof. DeMicco and to the entire faculty who participated in the project with so much enthusiasm!

I strongly believe that SIAF in the future can be an important reference point in Italy for qualified international training, an ideal place for cross fertilization, where students, knowledge, skills, experiences can come together and produce significant results. An international environment where every excellence can express the best of their potential to create added value for the system.” Stated Paola Villanelli, the International Programs Director of Siaf – Scuola Internazionale di Alta Formazione, "The Learning Village in Tuscany. Hotel firms looking for a conference site for training -on an academic campus – would feel welcome here.

Students and professionals reside and study at SIAF’s Italia- American-style campus, constructed in 2006, which, according to Fred DeMicco, ARAMARK Chair in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, “blends seamlessly into a walled city and physical landscape rich with landmarks of Etruscan, Roman, and Medici Florentine history.”

The University of Delaware signed a partnership agreement with the International School of Advanced Education (SIAF) in Tuscany, Italy, opening up new opportunities for UD students.

During the spring 2017 semester UD will offer a full semester abroad program in Volterra, a historic Tuscany town, for the second time called Leadership on a Global Stage –a unique blending of five courses from Leadership, Theatre and Business.

“We consider this agreement a milestone after years of work,” said Paola Villanelli, International Programs Director of SIAF. “We hope to strengthen our partnership over time.”

The Bank of Volterra Foundation has also committed a donation to support this new program. Dott. Roberto Sclavi, director general of the foundation, called the new partnership the “first essential element” of what the foundation hopes will be a lasting collaboration.

“The ultimate goal is to create a broad convergence where UD is not only a welcome guest, but may in the future become part of the project for the strategic planning of the activities shared by Italian universities,” said Sclavi.

Fred DeMicco, ARAMARK Chair in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management (HRIM) at UD, called the bank’s donation “generous” and says that UD’s relationship with SIAF creates exciting possibilities for the future.

“Italy has a rich history of art, design, innovation, fashion, culture and cuisine,” said DeMicco, who helped to create the Volterra program and will also be teaching there along with his role as President. “And Tuscany is a top global destination brand that attracts tourists from every corner of the globe and also has amazing landscapes and scenery.” “It is a Gem of a region; safe, secure, welcoming, green and clean” and even Rick Steves would agree.

For more information contact: Dr. Fred DeMicco at

About SIAF The Learning Village in Tuscany

SIAF is the first international residential executive campus in Italy that provides a wide range of tailor-made learning resources, facilities and accommodation for up to 200 participants.

Idyllically situated in the Tuscan countryside offering a panoramic view of the sea, just a short distance from the historical hilltop town of Volterra, SIAF provides a congenial environment for intensive study courses, events, seminars, workshops and conferences.

The learning village was ideated and founded by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna  in Pisa in collaboration with the Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra and the Foundation of the same bank and the support of  the Region of Tuscany.

Contact: Dr. Fred DeMicco

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