Top reservation sales and marketing technology provider for the hospitality industry reveals an all-new channel strategy that’s disrupting the status quo, outlined in a new ebook and being showcased at upcoming events

BEND, Ore. (September 26, 2017) – In their continuing effort to help lodging operators drive more profitable reservations, NAVIS has released a new e-book titled, The Holistic Approach to Direct Bookings: Integrating Online and Offline Efforts to Increase Revenue. The 18-page guide, available for download at, is a must-read for hotel and vacation rental ownership and management.

Jeff Robertson, the company’s VP of Marketing will also be sharing insights on the provocative topic as a featured speaker at two upcoming New York events: The Direct Booking Summit in New York City on September 28th and Cornell Research Summit in Ithaca on October 6th.

“There is a lot of talk about direct bookings, but nearly 100% of mindshare has been focused on driving more online bookings,” explains Robertson. “And too often the focus is solely on more – more campaigns, more website traffic, and more online bookings. Of course, all direct channels matter, but online alone is very inefficient when only a small percentage convert. Instead of just continuing to invest to drive more, you could be achieving millions more in revenue with an investment in the demand you already have. When systems are put in place to track and nurture guests along the path to purchase, hoteliers and property managers can yield nearly twice the revenue from their existing demand. Having your web and phone channels work together will, ultimately, achieve the greatest results.”

Direct bookings are often considered the holy grail for hospitality marketers – that hasn’t changed. What has evolved is the definition. Direct bookings existed long before OTAs came along, even before websites existed, yet, the industry continues to see online bookings as the top priority, even though they account for less than half of all the direct bookings. On top of this, most hotels are offering deep loyalty discounts to drive guests to book web direct, further undercutting profits. It is time to reexamine the effectiveness of this trend, and the NAVIS guide offers some disruptive food for thought. Some of the findings exposed in the e-book may surprise even the most seasoned industry experts. Highlights include:

  • Addressing the biggest myths about direct bookings
  • Questions you should be asking about your digital marketing
  • Which channels outperform all others
  • The dangers of the status quo
  • Which guests exactly are your low hanging fruit
  • How to make your online and offline strategies work holistically

To download your complimentary copy of The Holistic Approach to Direct Bookings: Integrating Online and Offline Efforts to Increase revenue, please click here or visit