Staying true to their roots as hospitality innovators, NAVIS helps lodging providers take charge of the guest relationship with pioneering new CRM.

BEND, Ore. (November 1, 2018) – The hospitality marketplace is changing quickly, and the NAVIS mission is to help their hospitality clients accelerate revenue growth, enhance guest experiences, and increase the lifetime value of their guests. That’s why the company is thrilled to announce the official launch of the industry’s only complete Hospitality CRM that unifies hotel reservations and marketing teams around their guest data to drive more direct bookings and revenue. The highly anticipated new platform was unveiled this week to NAVIS clients and partners at the annual VRMA International Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We know there’s a huge data problem in the hospitality industry, and we also know from our clients that a clear view of leads and guest data will drive direct business,” stated Kyle Buehner, CEO of NAVIS. “I’m very excited around the enhancements and integration within our suites of products leading to this launch, and the roadmap in place for the coming months. A complete view of the guest journey is essential to where I see the industry heading.”

This year, the company celebrates their 30th Anniversary and with this milestone, so comes improvements and updates to their products, services and messaging. NAVIS explains that the products and services they already offer have not changed, but continue to evolve and improve to stay ahead of the industry’s needs. The full suite of CRM products and services will be made more intuitive, now including:

NAVIS Reservation Sales Suite is a cloud-based solution that brings guest data and CRM functionality to call center software. The CRM platform and strategy turns a reservation department into a productive sales team that’s able to generate more direct bookings and revenue, capture leads and better guest data, improve reservation agent performance, provide greater visibility into marketing campaign effectiveness, and improve guest satisfaction.

NAVIS RezForce is a call center service offering 24/7 call overflow and after-hours support when the property’s own agents are unavailable. The service is an integrated part of the NAVIS Reservations Sales Suite. With RezForce, NAVIS’ own highly trained sales agents use the CRM platform on behalf of NAVIS clients to capture reservations lead data and bookings, ensuring a direct booking opportunity is never lost.

NAVIS Marketing Suite is a cloud-based marketing automation solution that brings booked and not booked guest data into one place. It dynamically households, checks for future bookings and de-dupes lead and guest data from multiple sources to deliver personalized communication that’s scalable for busy marketing teams. The automatically triggered campaigns allow marketers to engage along the entire guest journey to drive more bookings and ROI.

NAVIS Analytics Suite is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that gives revenue generating teams a holistic view of their business to compare data from different sources, monitor trends, identify opportunities and make better business decisions.

NAVIS Marketplace Suite is an integrated part of the CRM platform that includes NAVIS’ partnerships and integrations. The Marketplace’s integration and exchange of data with the 3rd party systems already in place at lodging providers further enhances the value of the unique lead and guest data that NAVIS provides.

“Unlike other solutions in the market, the NAVIS complete Hospitality CRM is not just a database or an email marketing service,” explains Amber Leto, VP of Product Solutions for NAVIS. “While it does include all of these elements, NAVIS’ complete guest-relationship model takes in to account the full 360-degree guest profile. From their first research and inquiry, to their ongoing loyalty. It connects your call center activity with all of your digital and offline marketing. This view is foundational to owning the guest relationship and driving direct bookings.”

NAVIS currently serves hundreds of hotels, management companies, and vacation rental managers. Though they’ve served the industry for more than 30 years, they’ve seen significant growth in the last few as their suite of software and services has expanded. They plan to release further analytics and marketing functionality in the coming months, expected to be revolutionary for lodging providers.

Buehner shared “The NAVIS team, and I are constantly engaging and learning from our clients and peers – some of the smartest in the business. This helps us stay a few steps ahead, and I believe it’s setting the stage for sales, marketing, and revenue management teams to work better together. A shared, complete hospitality CRM is central to the success of any lodging provider now and into the future.”

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