If you’ve ever heard a social networking site brag about their “monthly active” metric, you may have wondered about the rest of their users. Twitter, for example, has 650,000,000 users with only about 45% active each month. Does that mean 45% of your followers are inactive as well? Here’s what we found.

The Goods To find our answer we analyzed over 500 hotel and resort Twitter accounts with more than 1,800,000 followers between them. Activity can be tough to measure, so we simply used the “last tweet date” publicly provided by Twitter as our indicator. So, how long has it been since these Twitter followers last tweeted?

For the Twitter accounts in this sample, an average of 17.2% of all followers had tweeted within the last 24 hours. On the flip side, 43.2% hadn’t tweeted in more than 90 days. About 6% have yet to post a single tweet from their accounts.

What This Means As we mentioned at the beginning, on a macro level about 45% of Twitter’s user base has been active in the last month. When you look at hotel and resort followers, it turns out that 44% of them have tweeted within the last month.

In other words, resort and hotel Twitter followers are average Twitter followers. They’re no more active than everyone else. While Facebook’s privacy settings prevent a similar analysis, their monthly activity rate is about 65%. If a similar trend occurs there as well, 1/3 of your hotel’s fans may not have logged in since the first week of November.