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Selling just one bottle of water each month per room will recoup hoteliers' minimal investment in hospitality first, cloud-based, mobile, Managed Minibar solution

[LAS VEGAS- SEPTEMBER 30, 2014] -Is your hotel's minibar operation a detriment to guest satisfaction scores? Today the winds of change are blowing with ABreez by Mobile Simple. This unique, cloud-based, mobile minibar management solution is turning manual operations into managed, profitable and guest satisfaction centers. Whether a hotel offers minibars, snack trays, bottled water, branded gifts or other amenities, this solution offers the best price/performance ratio. Adding ABreez to a manual minibar costs just a few pennies per room per day to implement, compared to door detection solutions that are more than three-times the cost of a manual system or automated systems that are more than four-times the cost.

"Turning a manual minibar operation into a managed system that facilitates real-time direct postings via a mobile app and stores data in the cloud isn't a pipe dream; it's ABreez," said Christelle Pigeat, Mobile Simple CEO. "Our mobile solution turns any hotel's in-room amenities offering into a digital profit center despite how it's presented. More importantly, it's extremely affordable . . . it's a SaaS model . . . and it can be deployed in less than 24 hours." 

Sizeable Return, Minimal Investment 

Investing in a minibar program only makes sense when hoteliers can justify the investment with a quick and sizeable return. ABreez by Mobile Simple ensures that owners and brands get the best value for each penny invested through cost/benefit analysis. 

"By selling less that one bottle of water per room per month, a hotel has recouped its investment in the ABreez Managed Minibar solution," Pigeat said. "Within the first year, ABreez not only pays for itself, but it increases a hotel minibar department's bottom line by at least 20 percent. The ROI grows exponentially year over year because Mobile Simple works with hotels to sell better. By empowering hotel staff to better manage minibar operations, we improve workflow. And as workflow improves, productivity increases. Better productivity also means fewer billing errors. Fewer complaints mean happier guests."

Don't Pay More at the Expense of Guest Satisfaction 

Remember the fundamentals of hospitality: A minibar is an in-room service provided to satisfy a spontaneous guest desire. Therefore, hoteliers must ensure that this service not only satisfies the guest, but it aids in converting each traveler into a loyal customer. Frustration due to billing errors generates social media complaints; today automatic minibars are generating 20% to 30% overbilling items on the guest folio. Hoteliers shouldn't risk guest complaints about minibar overbilling when they have a new alternative that guarantees full control over posting. 

STOP risking guest satisfaction and STOP paying for costly electronic systems. The ABreez Managed Minibar drives guest satisfaction at a far more affordable price. The smart move is to pay less and increase satisfaction with ABreez.

ABreez is hospitality's first cloud-based, mobile Managed Minibar solution. Until now, hoteliers had only two options to choose from: Manual Minibars or Door Detection/Automatic Minibars. Today, the ABreez Managed Minibar is THE new option -- and it's one that is financially attractive and far more user friendly. ABreez is leveraging new technologies to improve on these past solutions while capturing revenue, increasing guest satisfaction, optimizing workflow, and maximizing profits at the same time.

ABreez is simple and intuitive for minibar attendants to use . . . it operates in the cloud, so it's secure, scalable and can immediately be deployed . . . and, it's full of data, able to equip managers with the coveted guest profile information they need to get to know their guests better by tracking their preferences and buying behaviors.

Control Over Posting = Guest Satisfaction 

"What separates ABreez from others in the market is how we leverage technology to improve operations and guest satisfaction while offering the best ROI in the industry," Pigeat said. "ABreez increases a hotel's bottom line through more effective merchandising, and controls costs through a more efficient posting process. Consolidated financial and operation reports are always available, giving F&B managers full visibility over the department's activities and full control over the inventory. Knowing which products sell the best make merchandising more effective." 

Hoteliers who are entering the 2015 budget season and want to streamline their minibar operations should give Mobile Simple a call today. The company is offering a FREE 30-day trial to give hoteliers the ability to evaluate its benefits by themselves without any compromise. Try it and then adopt it.

About Mobile Simple

With a global presence, Mobile Simple provides operational solutions for the hospitality industry specifically to streamline minibar operations in hotel guestrooms. Our latest "patent-pending" cloud-based mobile solution, ABreez, is a game changer for the minibar department. ABreez enables our customers to capture more revenue, increase guest satisfaction and improve staff productivity. For more information, call 1 800-467-5892 (North America) or international +1 (702) 527-9494.

Contact: Christelle Pigeat / (702) 527 9494

Contact: for media: Barb Worcester, PRpro / (440) 930-5770

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September 30, 2014 4:48pm says:

I have been in the industry for almost 20 years and consider myself very knowledgeable about minibars as I have studied many different programs available on the market if not all. My first thought is “how is this solution different from the old PDA posting systems?”. The technology used might be different but it seems to have the same procedures operationally speaking. The problem with manually entering charges into a PDA or App is that you have to wait for an attendant to visit the room. So, if a guest consumes a product and checks-out before an attendant visits the room, the hotel loses all of this revenue. This is something that happens all the time anywhere and might be very problematic for some specific types of hotels. Also, the biggest problem that most people do not realize is that a minibar operation is very labor intensive. Sometimes labor expenses surpasses revenue, making the amenity ineffective. Automatic systems out on the market focus on determining which rooms attendants need to visit and which rooms can be skipped. This method drastically reduces labor and makes the operation much more coherent. It seems that the solution provided in this article does not address the most important factors. I am always interested in new ways to manage minibars and I should disclose that I like how automatic systems work even know they are not always applicable especially in lower scale hotels. That being said, from my own research, I do not believe this a good solution and would not consider having it in one of my hotel. Been there, done that…