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Hotel magazines are littered with articles on why hotels are removing the “darn things” but refuse to discuss the fact that minibars still command a 30% guest utilization rate.

Ah, the proverbial minibar, unwanted by so many hotels today.  But why?  Hotel magazines are littered with articles on why hotels are removing the “darn things” but refuse to discuss the fact that minibars still command a 30% guest utilization rate when offered.  How can this be?  Unwanted by guests (as the industry experts claim) yet 30% of guests use them?  These opposing facts don’t make sense.  What’s not being said here?

The answer is IMPULSE.  The indisputable driving force that causes us to purchase things that make us feel good.  Think checkout line at the grocery store.  How many people buy candy or gum in line?  Grocery stores even offer candy free lines if you can’t control your impulses.  The same applies to minibars.  The real answer to these “industry experts” on why hotels don’t want minibars has nothing to do with guest satisfaction – sadly.  It has everything to do with hotels not operating the “darn things” properly.  Hotels view minibar operation as too much hassle, too much focus and not enough financial return.  What hotels are missing is that 30% of guests use minibars when available and profit is within reach with the right technology and minibar partner.

Enter the Minibar Systems solution – The Outsource Program.  Minibar has expanded this program across the North American continent to offer a full outsource program in top hotels in key markets.  The hotel is absolved of all financial, operational, product and labor costs to run a profitable operation.  The minibar “experts” move in and run the day to day operation with laser focus and full accountability.  Every hotel receives guaranteed profit every month for ZERO investment.  A total win-win for the hotel and its guests.  Minibar Systems also offers this program to hotels that have existing minibars but can’t seem to operate them efficiently or profitably.  How great is that?  Outsource your existing operation!

So, the next time you read an article about a hotel removing minibars ask them this question:  What other outlet in your hotel has 30% guest utilization?  The lounge, spa, restaurant or room service?  Likely not.  Does it really make sense to remove the minibar and reduce your guest service or does it make sense to contact an “expert” and seek advice on outsourcing the “darn thing”?

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About Minibar Systems

Minibar Systems is a Rockville, Maryland based company with over 40 years of experience in providing In-Room amenities to the global hospitality industry. The popular Minibar Outsource Program provides hotels with an expertly run outsourced program with guaranteed profits and has become the benchmark of minibar guest service throughout North America. Minibar Systems product lines include fully automated (SmartCube) and manual minibars (Primo), safes (SmartBox), convenience refrigerators (SmartFridge) and a full range of support services including design, manufacturing and installation, In-Room retail expertise, operations research, statistical analysis and on-going training. In the past few years, Minibar has focused on expanding its In-Room retail programs to hotels.

Contact: Walt Strasser / (301) 354-5055

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