Innovative digital marketing competitive benchmarking platform comes with new features and affordability for location-based businesses of all sizes.

New York, NY | February 21, 2018. At HSMAI’s annual Digital Marketing Conference yesterday, Milestone Inc. announced the immediate availability of the 2018 version of Milestone Insights. The digital marketing benchmarking and competitive analysis platform is designed specifically for the needs of location-based businesses and comes with features designed to make it easier for hotels and any local business to truly understand how they rate in the digital ecosystem against their top local competitors:

  • Automated onboarding: Milestone Insights 2018 has an automated onboarding feature that means most customers will be up and running in just minutes. Milestone Insights will auto-detect likely competitors, keywords that should be tracked and much more.
  • At a glance competitive insights dashboard: The new competitive insights dashboards provides a 360 degree view of on-page and off-page opportunities and a company’s digital presence as it relates to their competitors.
  • Audit websites for mobile first opportunities: As part of Milestone’s “Mobile on Steroids” initiative, Milestone Insights now allows digital marketers to evaluate their website to uncover mobile first opportunities.
  • Automated keyword discovery: Milestone Insights will auto-discover up to 2000 keywords per location and competitor and allows you to upload your own list.
  • At a glance keyword trending: Get comparative page 1, 2 and page 3 rankings by business for you and your competitors, see how your position has changed over time and the traffic generated by keywords.
  • Competitive keyword analysis: Milestone Insights now provides in-depth competitive keywords analysis for unbranded keywords, highlights keyword opportunities and provides integration with Google Console for more in-depth analysis.
  • Comprehensive keyword breakdown: Milestone Insights lets customers drill down to identify keyword opportunities and provides users with the ability to analyze individual keyword trends.
  • Backlink analysis: Milestone Insights discovers competitive backlink volume and spread and provides users with insights in relevant domains that you need to capture to compete.

“Milestone Insights 2018 continues our ongoing effort to make the Milestone Digital Presence Cloud more useful across a wide array of digital marketing needs and verticals,” said Sathya Krishnamurthy, Milestone VP of Products. “The 2018 version of Milestone Insights is ideally suited for location-based businesses that can’t justify the cost of an enterprise-level product and don’t want to spend thousands on the over a dozen tools needed to accomplish the same tasks,” continued Mr. Krishnamurthy. Milestone Insights 2018 edition will be available in late Q1 2018 at a new, reduced price. For more information on Milestone Insights and the rest of the Milestone product family, contact Milestone at [email protected], by visiting Milestone at or by calling us at (408) 200-2211.