[Columbus, Ohio] November 7, 2022 – If enthusiasm is contagious, Columbus’ newest and first independent lifestyle hotel has chosen exactly the right leader who will bring people together through partnership and hospitality for social connection and good times at The Junto.

Jason Delcamp has been recruited from Halcyon, a hotel in Cherry Creek, where he led the team as General Manager to become the number one guest rated independent hotel and restaurant experience in the notable Cherry Creek market, just outside of Denver.

The highly anticipated spring 2023 opening of The Junto will bring the first of Makeready’s unique lifestyle hotels to Columbus. CEO of Columbus-based Rockbridge, Jim Merkel is the founder and visionary behind Makeready, the hospitality company that concepts, manages, and operates an independent and diverse collection of hotels and restaurants. Through Makeready, Merkel has led the placemaking of award-winning lifestyle and luxury hotels in discerning cities such as Savannah, Charleston, Nashville, Denver, Dallas and now, Columbus.

“As a proven leader who built and inspired the team that launched Halcyon, an award-winning Makeready hotel, Jason is a rare talent and someone who cares deeply about creating an inviting experience where all feel welcome. We know he will bring that same mindset and passion to developing our team in Columbus,” said Jim Merkel.

Under Delcamp’s leadership, Halcyon was awarded a ‘Best Place to Work’ by the Denver Business Journal in May 2022, the only hotel to be listed. Delcamp attributed the award, a selective recognition process based on employee surveys, to his team and “how they felt about their workplace and the strong team atmosphere.” It’s a culture he is committed to recreate in Columbus.

“I am thrilled to have been chosen to build and lead another hospitality focused team with Makeready and Rockbridge and continue to be inspired by their commitment to creating one-of-a-kind experiences through a strong foundation that cares about the guest experience while connecting within the community.” said Delcamp.

Born in Nebraska and raised in Colorado, Delcamp already feels a kinship to Columbus, having participated as a rider in Pelotonia the last several years and also attending RTRX, the acclaimed leadership development retreat that Merkel created in 2012 which operates annually around Pelotonia Ride Weekend each August.

Even with a fondness for the city, Delcamp had not initially entertained relocating to Columbus. Merkel viewed Delcamp as the right leader at the right time for a new lifestyle hotel and unique experiences unlike any in Columbus and set about selling Columbus to Delcamp and his family.

Neighborhoods, nightlife, sports, schools, parks, cultural experiences—and most importantly, people—were all part of the family visits planned by Merkel to showcase Columbus.

“Columbus is vibrant and welcoming. We cannot wait to explore even more about our new town, especially the people and the evolving offerings surrounding the downtown areas.” said Delcamp.

As he onboards to his new role, Delcamp believes The Junto is perfectly situated for success in “Little West” a fond nod to the location as a little west of Downtown and near Franklinton, an historic area of Columbus that continues to evolve and attract creatives, businesses, and cultural destinations. Being developed at 77 Belle St., the hotel features 198 creatively designed rooms and suites with unique unexpected touches and aims to be the cultural hub of the area.

The lineup will include a neighborhood wood hearth grill and tavern, local coffee shop, a craveable walk-up poutine window, rooftop bar with oversized fireplaces and idyllic views, and riffing from Halcyon – a “gear garage” with bikes, kayaks, scooters and more that encourages adventure and guests to explore the neighborhood.

A hallmark of Makeready hotels is their role as pacemakers dedicated to reflecting and enhancing the best of communities in which they operate. The Junto’s persona is influenced by founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s famed Junto Club, which welcomed a diverse group for stimulating conversation aimed at community and self-improvement. It spawned the nation’s first public library and volunteer fire fighting, among other innovations.

Passion and diversity – of background, age and experience – are qualities Delcamp is seeking in the team he will assemble. “I’m looking for people who want to be part of something bigger, but also have an energy and passion around hospitality, who enjoy talking with people and connecting with the city, no matter their role,” he said.

“When you get a good mix of people, you start to create an opportunity to better not only their work lives, but also their personal lives, just as Franklin’s Junto Club helped improve lives” Delcamp added.

Find out more at thejuntohotel.com or www.instagram.com/thejuntohotel