PARSIPPANY, NJ – September 22, 2020 – Lodging Interactive, a full-service digital marketing, social media engagement, and reputation management agency exclusively serving the hospitality industry, today announced the roll out of its micro-wedding lead generation service for hotels. The service has been developed to target the fast-growing small wedding market which can provide immediate revenue for properties during the global pandemic crisis.

“Micro-weddings are typically less than 20 guests and have a shorter and much more simplistic timeline. Most have a quick ceremony and a casual and relaxed reception,” said DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder, CEO and President. “Our micro-wedding lead generation service provides qualified business opportunities for sales teams to book micro-wedding business and to generate the much-needed revenue in the short term.”

Lodging Interactive’s micro-wedding lead generation service works for any property, branded or independent. The service enables wedding prospects to obtain immediate micro-wedding information and to download planning documents to their mobile devices and desktops, 24/7. Furthermore, prospects have the ability to engage with human support agents via Facebook’s Messenger service for any additional questions they may have.

Lodging Interactive’s service only provides hotels with qualified leads as the service captures the prospect’s name, email, phone number and event details online. It is only after this information is captured, that the prospect can download the desired event planning documents.

Additionally, Lodging Interactive will provide qualifying properties with a guarantee to generate monthly micro-wedding sales leads.

“Industry analysts continue to report that business travel will remain practically non-existent through Q2 of 2021 and leisure travel opportunities are also likely to slow until the Spring of 2021. However, micro-weddings remain a solid business opportunity for hotels now,” added DJ Vallauri. “In this environment, hotel salespeople need to ‘think outside the box’ and seek localized revenue opportunities. Our micro-wedding lead generation service delivers leads in real-time, 24/7/365, providing immediate sales opportunities to the hotel.”

To help the hospitality industry during these trying times, Lodging Interactive is offering its micro-wedding lead generation service on a month-to-month basis and at a very low monthly cost.

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