** Week 1 of 6: Be Consistent **

For many people, excellent customer service can be summed up in one word: Consistency.

Consistency means repeatable. You know something’s going to happen or someone’s going to do something. Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon or evening. Or if it’s a weekend or a weekday. Or even whether it’s hot or cold outside. If someone visits your business 10 times, they should get 10 similar experiences. Of course, the experiences can be consistently bad, consistently good, or consistently exceptional. The focus of this module is about being exceptional.

The main idea behind consistency is to develop strong habits that are unmovable regardless of your mood, who the customer is, or how busy you happen to be.

*After watching the video, discuss the following question:

What factors should you allow to impact how consistent you are? (select one)

  • Your mood of the day
  • Likeability of the customer
  • Importance of the customer (aka VIP)
  • None of the above

Future Topics:

  • Week 2: WOW Somebody
  • Week 3: Learn Preferences
  • Week 4: Exceed Expectations…Why Bother?
  • Week 5: Own Your Work
  • Week 6: Love Your Work

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