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Each Kube 5 Portable system provides charging for up to 30 people at any given time, regardless of the type of mobile device they need to power up, and it keeps devices charged for up to 9 hours

[Jericho, NY——August 29, 2017] — The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is underway, with more storms  predicted than normal this year (three to six hurricanes, with one or two of them categorized as major storms through November) according to experts. But hurricanes aren’t the only natural disaster threat. Fires, earthquakes and even acts of terrorism can have a devastating impact on your hotel business. If a hurricane or other disaster strikes, it’s critical that hotel staff and guests can communicate via their personal mobile devices. But what happens when smartphones are not adequately charged? Panic for those onsite (and even those back home) may ensue.

Kube Systems, a company that designs, manufactures and markets unique mobile-device charging solutions for the hospitality industry, has a portable-charging solution that is ideal for disaster-recovery efforts. The Kube 5 Portable is a mobile device charging system consisting of one docking station housing five portable charging Kubes. Each Kube can power up to 6 mobile devices and features three built-in connectors, two USB ports and comes with Qi wireless charging that enables guests to rest their mobile devices on top of the Qi charging pad located on the top of each Kube. All smartphones and tablets can be powered with the Kube 5.

“One of the best ways to prepare for unexpected disasters – or even the occasional loss of power – is to have numerous battery-powered charging devices available to anyone who may need them,” said Dave Weinstein, Kube Systems vice president. “Recently, we’ve been fielding calls from businesses outside of the hospitality industry asking to purchase bulk sets of the Kube 5 Portable system to proactively supplement their disaster recovery programs; in fact, a global chemical supplier just purchased 20 systems for this very reason.

“These little black boxes pack a big punch; each Kube has an 18,000 mAh battery that charges at a speed comparable to wall outlets, and provides up to nine hours of phone charge time,” Weinstein said. “The key here is portability. No matter where staff or guests are on premises, these Kubes can travel. And because any type of mobile device can be charged – including tablets, cameras and wearables – up to 30 people can be charging their technologies at any given time from just one system. Priced at less than $1,000 per unit, the Kube 5 is a smart investment – especially for hotels in the hurricane zone.”

On Premise Portable Charging is a Must

Here are three ways hotels and guests can benefit from a portable mobile-device charging system:

1.  Hotel guests frequently forget their charging cord when traveling. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that they didn’t bring an extra battery with them either in anticipation of an unforeseen natural disaster. With no electricity to power their mobile devices, guests will flock to the front desk for help. Offering a portable charging solution will help calm the chaos. 

2.  Besides providing the chance to call for help, a smartphone can act as a flashlight, compass and GPS. This is key in helping staff and guests navigate a property in the dark. While these features are useful, they are also the ones that consume the most charge.

3.  It’s important that people can listen to public safety alerts on their mobile devices and access emergency apps, such as The FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) app, the Red Cross app and Weather apps that provide disaster safety tips, emergency meeting location information, an interactive emergency kit list, and a map with open shelters.

“Our customers tell us that they like the Kube 5 portable because it can charge multiple units at one time . . . because the Kubes are always powered and ready to go . . . and because the cables can easily be updated as charging standards change,” Weinstein said. “Thankfully, those hotels using the Kube 5 haven’t reported a need for them in a natural disaster, but they can rest assured that the system will perform admirably if they did. After buying one Kube 5 system, it’s not uncommon for hotels to purchase additional sets because the demand for portable charging outside the guestroom is so high.

“While you can’t always predict natural disasters, you can plan for them,” he said. “The Kube 5 Portable provides your guests with a viable mobile device charging service for public spaces, including restaurants, bars, poolside and meeting rooms, and it will provide peace of mind and a possible life-line during a storm. If you are looking for ways to supplement your hotel’s disaster recovery program, give Kube Systems a call today.”

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About Kube Systems

Kube Systems ( designs, manufactures and markets unique technology solutions focused on the hospitality industry. Its solutions blend innovation with intuitive technology to enhance the guest experience. The Kube Systems suite of products combine the convenience of multi-device charging with portability, streaming audio playback and time keeping. With over 65 years’ experience, Ramler International is renowned for its leading hospitality furniture of original and contemporary design. More information is available at

Contact: Dave Weinstein / (516) 996-0005

Contact: Barb Worcester / (440) 930-5770

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