KTN Announces an Innovative New Front Desk Hospitality Certification Program

/KTN Announces an Innovative New Front Desk Hospitality Certification Program

KTN Announces an Innovative New Front Desk Hospitality Certification Program

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Now Front Desk Agents Can Become "Certified in the Heart of Hospitality"

Florida, USA – August 27, 2018 – Kennedy Training Network Inc.

Now your front desk colleagues can be Certified in the Heart of Hospitality and achieve what will soon be a highly coveted industry designation of being CHH.

KTN President Doug Kennedy said: “Unlike other lodging industry certification programs which involve taking a passive, online class followed by an easy-to-pass multiple choice online test, KTN’s CHH program is a highly engaging and personalized journey, which is essential for teaching intangible skills such as hospitality.

He added, “This is why CHH is a ‘verb’ and not a ‘noun’ as other certification titles are. Being CHH is a lifelong philosophy to live by every day in your hotel career.”

Kennedy announced that this initiative is being led by M. Cathy Cook, who joined KTN in 2017 as Executive Director of Training and Development. Cathy began her career at the front desk over 30 years ago and has since held C-Suite level L&D positions with a major hotel brand. “We recruited Cathy Cook for a long time because she is uniquely qualified for this. Cathy is a really amazing communicator, having been designated by Toastmasters International as an ACG and ALS, and is as passionate about hospitality excellence as anyone I’ve ever met.”

“With most guests booking online these days, the front desk is more important than ever before and those who work there are literally the first impression makers,” said M. Cathy Cook. “I’m excited to inspire those working at the front desk and pass along the philosophies that were handed down to me over the years by my own personal mentors,” she added.

Here’s How It Works:

First, CHH candidates attend a private, live 60 minute webinar facilitated personally by Cook entitled “5 Pillars Of Front Desk Hospitality Excellence.” Candidates can attend individually or in groups of up to four. Cook presents live via webcam; candidates are highly encouraged to also use a webcam. (If necessary they can use a personal laptop or smartphone.)

After the webinar, KTN forwards self-study resources including a link to replay the recording of the private webinar along with the presentation slide deck.

Next, CHH candidates take an online CHH assessment, which includes a mixed-bag of question types such as matching, multiple choice, true-false, and essay. Candidates must achieve a total score of 85% and answer all 3 essay questions correctly. They can retake the test as often as is needed for them to demonstrate full comprehension.

Finally, candidates demonstrate what was learned by having a supervisor or co-worker video tape them at the front desk as they role-play several assigned scenes. Recordings are then sent to KTN via a free Dropbox account or other methods.

Thereafter, KTN immediately issues and mails the Certificate of Completion and Lapel Pin and the candidate can use the designation “CHH” after their name on all professional documentation.

“Although this process is highly humanized and personally engaging, we are making it affordable especially for hotels willing to commit to certifying their entire front desk staff,” Kennedy added.

The investment is a registration fee of $159 per person for 1-3 candidates per hotel and $129 each for four or more candidates. To begin the journey, simply notify KTN by email of names of the colleagues you wish to register and KTN will reply with a confirmation and billing details. [email protected]

Questions? (01) 954.533.9130 or [email protected]

About Kennedy Training Network, Inc.

KTN is the lodging industry's best source for hotel training programs in topic areas of hospitality and guest service excellencefront desk profit optimization & upselling, hotel reservations sales, and hotel sales team training. Launched in 2006, KTN's roots run even deeper as President, Doug Kennedy, has been creating and delivering customized training for the lodging industry for 30 years. Doug is also well known as a keynote conference speaker for hotel brands, management companies and associations. His monthly hotel industry training articles inspire worldwide readers of publications such as Hospitality.net, Hotel-Online, Hotel News Resource, HTrends, HotelMarketing.com, Hotel News Now and 4Hoteliers. He is the author of So You REALLY Like Working With People? Five Principles for Hospitality Excellence.

Contact: Doug Kennedy, President

[email protected]/+1 (954) 533.9130

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