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Customers can now request validation of specific data in their Knowland product.

Washington, D.C. (April 29, 2014) - The Knowland Group, the largest data company in the global meeting and event industry, announced today a new data verification feature for customers, designed to leverage Knowland's internal data management system. This revolutionary research process ensures fresh and accurate data, and allows customers to drive verifications with the click of a button.

"Thanks to our extensive infrastructure, Knowland is in a unique position to constantly research and update information in our database. No other data provider in the global events industry goes through such a rigorous data verification process, especially not upon customer request," says Terry Prime, Chief Technology Officer at the Knowland Group, "Data can go stale, but this process will let customers prioritize our updates so we're addressing the data most important to them!"

The verification system is based on Knowland's extensive research analyst teams, which include over 400 analysts working to research event, group, and contact details. When users flag a particular piece of data within Readers or Insight, they will now receive a confirmation email once the research and validation is complete. Updates made as a result of the validation request will immediately be made available to all users.

About the Knowland Group

The Knowland Group is a proven innovator, developing intuitive data products and services that streamline and support event and group sales in the hospitality industry. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. in historic Chinatown, the Knowland Group serves more than 4,000 hotel clients and 50,000 users globally. Knowland is ranked as the 76th fastest growing software company in North America by Deloitte and the second fastest growing private company in the travel industry for both 2009 and 2010 by Inc. Magazine. For more information, please visit Knowland's website or call (410) 860-2270.

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Contact: Laura Witherspoon / (202) 312-5880

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