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LOS ANGELES--August 17, 2017--JMBM's Global Hospitality Group® and EB-5 Finance Group™ are pleased to announce the publication of The Developer's EB-5 Handbook for EB-5 Construction Financing, a "must-read" resource for developers who are considering using EB-5 financing to complete or enhance their capital stack for construction projects. This is the much talked-about and often (inappropriately) maligned EB-5 program, also known as the immigrant investment visa program.

While there are many pending developments that could affect the EB-5 program, this is still a good time to learn how the program works and why so many developers have used EB-5 financing as part of the capital stack for their new projects. The Global Hospitality Group has developed an approach to guide clients through the EB-5 process with a minimal amount of financial risk to find and evaluate the reliable players and execute financing with a high degree of confidence.

The Developer's EB-5 Handbook is written to help developers assess the potential opportunities for EB-5 financing while avoiding potential traps for the unwary. Written by legal and business advisors to top developers with great projects in the United States, the Handbook includes articles addressing the following topics:

  • What is EB-5 all about? What are its essentials?
  • Is EB-5 still viable for developers with everything going on today?
  • How can you evaluate an EB-5 construction financing opportunity for your project?
  • What is the optimum EB-5 construction financing structure for development projects?
  • What drives the size and terms of EB-5 financing in the capital stack?
  • How much? How cheap? How certain? How long?
  • How can you spot key "show stoppers" before you get too involved?
  • What are the most common mistakes developers make with EB-5 financing?
  • Who do I need on my EB-5 financing team?

To download a free copy of The Developer's EB-5 Handbook, go to the Resource Center on

If you would like to discuss any of the issues presented in the Handbook, please contact us:

Jim Butler
Chairman, JMBM Global Hospitality Group®
EB-5 Finance Group™
(310) 201-3526 

About JMBM's Global Hospitality Group

JMBM's Global Hospitality Group® provides business and legal advice to hotel owners, developers and investors, based on practical experience gained from more than $71 billion of hotel transactions, 1,000 hotel management agreements, 1,000 franchise agreements, and 3,800 properties worldwide. The Chinese Investment Group™ within the practice is a dedicated team of hotel and real estate lawyers that provide a gateway for Chinese investment in the United States. The Group and its network of reliable professional resources help Chinese investors identify, analyze, evaluate, validate, acquire, finance and manage hotel and real estate opportunities. We have closed more than $1.5 billion of EB-5 financing for our developer clients and sourced more than half of that. 

Contact: Jim Butler / (310) 201-3526

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