March 5, 2014 – Toronto, ON – This week, jlnpr, a full-service PR and marketing agency dedicated to the travel and hospitality industry, launched a new public relations service for businesses who don’t have the budgets to afford a full-time PR person or agency: the DIY (do-it-yourself) PR package.

The package makes PR accessible (and affordable!) for every business – no matter their size, goals or budget – by providing all of the information and the step-by-step instructions necessary to execute a successful campaign, start-to-finish, without the significant investment that outsourcing PR can sometimes require.

For a low-cost, one-time fee, businesses receive a customized strategy, based on their specific goals, resources, etc., which includes document templates for commonly used PR pieces, week-by-week timeline of pitches/activities, suggested key messages, pitch ideas, suggestions on target media outlets/journalists and strategies to evaluate the efficacy of the campaign. Also as part of the DIY package, jlnpr’s PR experts will always be a phone call or email away if you have questions, need advice or direction while implementing a campaign.

“Over the years, I have spoken with many companies who want to execute a PR campaign, but don’t have the budget to do so,” said Jennifer Nagy, President of jlnpr. “In most cases, those companies end up abandoning the idea, missing out on the huge marketing benefits of PR – namely that consumers are most trusting of articles that they read written by a trusted third-party, like a journalist [than advertising messages that they may encounter on the same product or service].”

As PR is the best way to launch a new brand (vs. advertising, which is better for building existing market share), this package is an especially important one for startup travel businesses looking for a way to stand out from crowd in the highly competitive travel industry.

For an additional one-time, flat fee, jlnpr can also offer a complete media list, which provides contact information for the global media contacts that would be most interested in each company’s story.

To find out more about the jlnpr DIY PR package or to sign up, please contact Jennifer at [email protected]. To find out more about jlnpr, please visit