Brand leaders have established HSIA standards and are requiring their properties to get compliant, ensuring positive stay experiences and higher guest scores.

High-performing Internet access is the #1 demand/complaint from travelers. In other words, it is mission critical to your hotel’s competitive performance. Brand leaders like Marriott know that when a guest selects one of its properties, they expect an optimal experience. One of these expectations is consistent, high-quality Internet service. And their satisfaction will show in your property’s guest scores.

Marriott developed and maintains Global Property Network Standards (GPNS) for High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) services. Recently, Marriott released new GPNS standards to ensure its properties meet the high brand standards the company has set in the hospitality industry. In order to ensure its global network of properties are able to provide this level of service and are fully compliant in 2018, it is requiring all properties with GPNS versions of 2014 or older to upgrade to current HSIA brand standards.

Are You HSIA Brand Compliant?

While Marriott’s HSIA brand standards create a consistent, high-quality guest experience across its brands, these stringent standards require advanced internet management capabilities that evolve with changing guest demands. If your system hasn’t been updated in the last three years, you will need to upgrade now. Compliance requirements affect former Starwood brands as well.

Want to learn more? We’ll walk you through the details.

Marriott Approved

As the pioneer of cloud-based communications for hospitality, Cloud 5 was awarded the Marriott GPNS Full Certification for HSIA after successfully completing rigorous product and service testing across multiple properties. We join a small, exclusive group of technology providers with the highest level of distinction and can help you become compliant fast by providing you with a complete range of Marriott GPNS HSIA services including:

  • High-performance guest WiFi
  • Property-wide Internet access including common areas
  • Enhanced back-of-the-house capabilities and support
  • Advanced services and GRE integration (IP Telephony/Digital Signage/IPTV/OTT & More)
  • Conference and event services tool
  • Network management with multi-property support
  • 24/7 guest and associate support

Building Today’s Network Infrastructure for Tomorrow

Seamless, personalized experiences require systems that not only provide quality HSIA, but also the backend network systems that ensure hotel operators have the analytics to stay ahead of the curve. In fact, in a 2017 Lodging Technology Study by Hospitality Technology, more than half of respondents indicated that while IT budgets will increase, investment dollars have shifted to building infrastructures that will not only support frictionless experiences but will also incorporate data and analytics capabilities.

Marriott’s full certification expands to include back-of-the-house access for its associates, as well as advanced back-office network management. In addition to the current level of enterprise-wide converged network support Cloud5 provides, our guest engagement partners, such as intelligence-driven Volara, can help improve guest service and reduce service costs leveraging the WiFi network.

In today’s world knowledge is power, but better margins are even more powerful. Having access to accurate, current data on your hotel’s network can open up entirely new opportunities to revenue, highlight areas for cost reductions and enable you to plan for evolving guest demands.

Get Compliant and Ensure Great Guest Scores

Is your hotel compliant? If you aren’t sure, we will provide you with a free GPNS audit to identify any gaps you may have in your network. With hundreds of Marriott hotel installations under our belt, Cloud5 is a proven partner for Marriott brand properties.

To become eligible for our Limited Time Free Support offer, schedule your complimentary phone audit or contact us at [email protected].