By Maiya Wall / Pipeline Social Media

The Pipeline team is excited to offer a new product to hospitality professionals—Social Media Post Packs: Ready-made posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you share posts!

Our May Holiday Pack features 27 complete social media posts, including graphics, animated graphics, and captions, for the top holidays in May.

What’s Included in the May Social Media Holiday Pack? 

  • Cinco de Mayo: 3 captions / 2 graphics / 1 animated graphic
  • Memorial Day: 3 captions / 3 graphics / 1 animated graphic
  • Mother’s Day: 4 captions, 3 graphics / 1 animated graphic
  • National Armed Forces Day: 2 captions / 2 graphics
  • National Foster Care Month: 2 captions / 2 graphics
  • National Nurses Day: 3 captions / 2 graphics / 1 animated graphic
  • National Teacher Day: 3 captions / 2 graphics / 1 animated graphic
  • National Wine Day: 2 captions / 1 graphic / 1 animated graphic
  • World Laughter Day: 3 captions / 2 graphics / 1 animated graphic
  • World MS Day: 2 captions / 2 graphics

Enjoy our pre-made social media posts in the May Holiday Pack, or upgrade your pack to gain access to our design source files. The upgraded pack will enable you to tailor the graphics to better fit your branding. It’s so easy to add your hotel’s colors, fonts, images, logos and more!

How Hotels Can Use Our Post Packs

Enhance Your Current Content Strategy: You already have a great foundation to build content around. Our holiday packs provide additional ways to talk about booking promos, hotel amenities, restaurant specials, and anything else you like sharing on social media. Below are just a few examples of how you can use the graphics & captions from our May Holiday Pack:

•  Mother’s Day – Users are already looking for ways to celebrate Mom this year. Use our ready-made posts to share why they should book a room at your hotel to mark the occasion!

•  Cinco de Mayo – Do you have a restaurant on-site? Take the opportunity to feature drink & food specials on this holiday. If you do not have an on-site restaurant, it would still be good to post about the holiday letting future guests know where they can celebrate nearby your hotel during their stay.

•  National Nurses Day – Several hotels used their vacancy during the pandemic as a way to offer discounted accommodations to out-of-state nurses. Show your support further by posting about National Nurses Day or remind fans that you are still offering this service to the community.

•  World Laughter Day – Use this just-because holiday to show off your silly side. Use the graphics from our pack or share a funny photo or video with our captions instead. Never miss an opportunity to share the people that make your hotel truly special!

•  National Wine Day – Do you have a booking special that includes a sparkling wine toast upon room arrival or a lobby bar with a wide selection of wine? Use National Wine Day and the content from our May Holiday Pack to help guests get excited about these features!

Supplement Your Current Posting Strategy: It’s not easy to always be the one coming up with new & engaging ideas for social. Our Social Media Post Packs give you extra content to work with, alleviating this pressure and giving you a break!

Posting about holidays also gives your fans a mental break. It can be overwhelming to see so many ads asking them to buy something every time they open Facebook or Instagram. Adding lighter topics like national and just-for-fun holidays gives them something to interact with that isn’t promotional. In turn, when you are sharing a more promotional post, your fans will be much more receptive to engaging with that content because they won’t equate your account with spam.

For Inspiration: There’s no need to start from zero when adding creativity to your hotel or restaurant’s social media. With 27 fresh graphics & captions, you’ll more than double your ideas. Take inspiration from our work and add your branding to the social media images with our May Holiday Pack Upgrade, which includes design source files for easy editing.

How to Receive Your May Social Media Holiday Pack

If you’re ready to begin saving time & energy with our Social Media Post Packs, then simply select which version is right for you below to get started.

May Holiday Pack for $29.99:

May Holiday Pack Upgrade for $39.99:

After purchasing, you’ll be immediately directed to download the graphics and gain access to captions. You’ll receive an email confirmation where you’ll also be able to download the designs & captions. Our packs never expire, so you can use our posts during 2021 and beyond!

After this, you can start scheduling content for your business right away!

Final Thoughts:

We plan to offer Holiday Social Media Packs every month! Look out for our June Holiday Pack, which will be released on May 15, 2021, on our website. With the holiday content covered for the year, we look forward to knowing how our product saved you time and helped with your marketing goals! Have an idea for a future post pack, questions about our May Holiday Pack, or just want to say hello? Contact us below.