STOWE, VT – Inntopia is thrilled excited to announce the launch of the School Calendar Explorer, a comprehensive, human-vetted dataset with an interactive dashboard to give travel providers an unprecedented view of year-over-year school break patterns, trends, and data across the United States.

“School calendar data is full of opportunities for travel companies, but the dataset has always been handcuffed by being stuck in a spreadsheet,” said Trevor Crist, CEO of Inntopia. “This new dataset and interactive dashboard give operators the chance to explore this data in ways that was simply not possible until now.”

Built on a fully interactive platform, School Calendar Explorer is backed by thousands of human-verified data points from both public school districts and universities. This offers travel providers the opportunity to analyze break patterns in their key markets, discover new markets to fill soft spots in demands, adjust rate around school break patterns, and be ahead of staffing decisions based on spikes in school-related travel demand throughout the year. The dashboard also compares patterns year-over-year, so travel providers can adjust rate and marketing based on when holidays and breaks start in their key markets.

School calendar data can be analyzed through a series of location, date, and age filters as well as an interactive map and functionality that allows the user to drill into specific dates and locations to identify where students are most likely to be out of school. All data can be exported for additional analysis through a spreadsheet or other analysis software. Additionally, the dataset is refreshed quarterly to ensure that any unforeseen changes to school calendars are reflected in the data.

“This is a huge leap in innovation for what travel providers can do with this data,” said Tom Foley, Inntopia’s SVP of Analytics. “Resorts, hotels, DMOs, CVBs, airlines, travel agents, and more will all benefit immensely by being able to identify exactly where and when student-associated travel demand will peak.”

Single-entity licenses are available as well as bulk pricing for resort ownership groups and hotel management companies. A preliminary dataset is currently available with full access to the dashboard launching in mid-June 2021.

Full details, a video walkthrough, and pricing can be found at the following URL: