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The third-largest IT company in Europe is bringing its fully-integrated, end-to-end solution for hotel chain management to North America; Indra's Travel Management Suite is changing the hotel technology landscape one module at a time; Visit Indra in Booth 111 at HITEC

[MIAMI - JUNE 18, 2013] - Does your hotel company want to be a technology trailblazer? Would you prefer a single-platform for core solutions giving you one single view of the guest and all data? Are you tired of multivendor integration coming with a big price tag? Then join hotels across Asia, Europe and South America in adopting an all-in-one, modular, end-to-end, fully-integrated solution for hotel chain management. Indra, SAP's co-innovation partner for the hospitality industry, is unveiling the future of hotel technology at HITEC, June 25 to 27 at the Minneapolis (Minn.) Convention Center, in Booth No. 111. 

"Indra is inviting North America hoteliers to join us on a journey to full enterprise automation, and we'll get them there one module at a time," said Connie Rheams, Indra Senior VP and General Manager for North America.  "It's a trip to a single platform . . . a vacation from having to pick from out-of-the-box solutions for PMS, POS, CRS, CRO, spa and more . . . a break from having to build their own solutions from scratch or settle for one pre-built with limitations, or dependencies on the vendor to develop functionality for a hotel company's unique business needs. 

"At HITEC, we are going to show CIOs and purchasing directors how to plan their technology future on their own terms," she said. "Whether property or central systems, loyalty, website development, booking engine or mobility is top of mind, Indra has a module for it. Need analytical tools for forecasting, budgeting and reporting, or software for financial accounting, supply chain management and workforce automation? We have modules for those too, and all of our modules can be implemented independently. From connectivity via third-party distribution sales channels to a bevy of back-office and CRM functionality, Indra's modular hospitality Travel Management Suite enables hoteliers to escape the confines of disparate multisystem integration once and for all."

Through Indra's Travel Management Suite (TMS), brands and management companies can experience core system convergence using a seamless, uniform platform for all property needs that drives accurate guest information from all parts of the operation in real-time and from a single database.

Modular and Cloud Based

Indra is a global technology company operating in more than 110 countries and the third largest IT company in Europe. Indra's Travel Management Suite is built on the world-leading SAP technology platform and services all the business needs of a hotel chain or management company in one comprehensive system, hosted in the cloud or on-premise. It offers unsurpassed functionality for any business area, and it is open, configurable, scalable and modular. Hotels can start with any of the TMS modules and add-on as needed in the future, providing a more custom approach to enterprise management. 

Indra's modular hospitality Travel Management Suite includes: 

  • TMS for Hotels: PMS, POS, CRS, CRO, Spa and more 
  • TMS for Web: Website development, content management, booking engine and mobile solutions
  • TMS for Analytics: Forecasting, budgeting and reporting 
  • TMS for CRM:  Customer Relationship Management
  • TMS for ERP: Financial accounting/supply chain management/workforce automation
  • TMS for Connectivity: Third-party distribution sales channels

"Indra is not just another generic ERP," said Xavier Trias, Indra managing director for travel and hospitality. "It's a new evolution of enterprise management technology for this industry that is customizable and flexible, enabling the hotel, its providers or consultants to design the system to meet the exact specifications of the brand, corporate office or management group. This level of customization for an all-in-one platform doesn't exist from any other solution provider."

Trias also noted that the beauty of Indra's TMS is that it is a global-ready system, as SAP is installed in every country around the world. "Not only does Indra's TMS have built-in capabilities to take care of taxes, local legal requirements and multinational concerns such as language barriers and currency conversions, but Indra is a well-established, fiscally-strong global company. While we recognize that CIOs can't usually change their entire infrastructures overnight, networking discussions at recent hotel technology events, such as HTNG in February, support that they are ready to start somewhere. The modularity of Indra's TMS allows them to migrate towards a single platform one module at a time. I consider it a privilege to be able to introduce this solution to hotels at HITEC. It's a rewarding journey to full integration and data coherence."

Staff from the Hotels Catalonia of Spain will be present at HITEC in Indra's Booth 111 to share their successes with Indra's TMS. Those wishing to preschedule an appointment with Indra at HITEC are asked to call Connie Rheams at (214) 554-3851 or email her at

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About Indra

Indra is the leading technology multinational in Spain and a leader in Europe and Latin America. It is the second European company in its sector in terms of R&D, with €550 million invested in the last three years. Its turnover in 2011 was €2.688 million, and 55% of its revenue is currently from international markets. The company employs 42,000 professionals and has customers in 118 countries.

Contact: Connie Rheams or for Media, Barb Worcester, PR Pro or / (214) 554-3851 or (440) 930-5770

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