PHOENIX, AZ, January 22, 2019 – Interactive Sites, a leading developer of online solutions for the hospitality industry, has successfully launched another private labeled release of their cross-sell and lead share platform – ShareIt Online™ – for InterContinental Hotels Group. The new program serves all IHG® brands and is internally referred to as IHG® LeadShare. The solution enables IHG sales managers, across the entire portfolio worldwide, to share and track group leads with other IHG properties.

After just a few short months of Interactive Sites working closely with the IHG IT team and sales leadership, the newly designed program has been integrated with existing IHG sales and CRM systems. Combined with the easy onboarding process and the highly anticipated internal efficacy, the new platform is poised for growth and scalability and is expected to generate significant additional group revenue. “We knew that Interactive Sites had the right platform that would enable IHG to easily transition our current platform in a relatively short period of time, especially compared to other enterprise-wide solutions we had considered. We also knew that with the inherent flexibility of their platform, the Interactives Sites team could work closely with our internal IT team to deliver the modifications that support our business process and sales culture,” said Jonathan Kaplan, VP, Global Sales Strategy, IHG®.

ShareIt Online™ lead-management platform can be customized and private-labeled and is used by many of the largest hotel companies in the world. The platform currently facilitates more than a half billion dollars in definitive group revenue per year. The solution not only provides the opportunity to capture additional group business that could easily be considered lost revenue, but also provides a global incentive program for sales managers. “Since the launch, we’ve already seen an 80% increase in shared group lead volume on a year-over-year basis. The acceptance of the program across our portfolio has been phenomenal,” said Kaplan.

With its new customized lead management platform, IHG® sales team members can share leads that they were not able to accommodate at the original requested IHG property. What’s more, the entire life cycle of the lead’s status is fully transparent and can be tracked at every stage of its development by both the sender and receiver. “Our clients that use ShareIt Online™ can not only manage and track their group leads but they are also able to provide an incentive program that really works because the platform is fast to onboard and easy to use. Sales managers will actually take more time and care to retain a planner’s business by sharing the lead because they know that there’s an incentive program in place that they can rely on. It’s not just another instance of more confusing technology with a huge learning curve” said Michael L. Waltman, Founder & Co-CEO of Interactive Sites.