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You’ve seen it a hundred times. Within each email campaign is a group of people who don’t just open your email, they open it again and again and again. But what happens after those opens? Are repeat openers more likely to transact than those who do so just once? Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer we analyzed 10 major email campaigns delivered to more than 1,500,000 recipients by a half-dozen hotels and resorts. We separated out the group that received but never opened or clicked, those who opened but didn’t click, and those who clicked. And then subdivided the groups by repeat actions and found the percentage that transacted within 10 days. Here’s how it looks.

About 1.6% of those in our sample who received the email (but didn’t open or click) ended up transacting. If they opened (but didn’t click), that number was 4.0% for those who opened once and 5.9% for those who opened more than once.

In terms of clicks, 7.4% of single clickers and 10.0% of those who clicked more than once ended up transacting within 10 days.

What This Means
The more someone interacts with an email, the more likely they are to transact. It’s that simple. All of those opens and clicks appear to be fairly accurate representations of not just their interest, but their likelihood to transact based on any one marketing message.

But does increased activity correlate to larger transactions? For our sample, no. Transaction volume stayed consistent between each group. But to answer our original question, does the likelihood double when someone opens twice? Not quite, but a 47.5% increase is nothing to sneeze at.

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