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Hygienic Solutions US announces commercial availability of non-toxic, GREEN solution guaranteed to eliminate bed bugs.

100% organic solution tested by independent laboratories to kill 100% of pests within 15 minutes

Fern Park, Fl- October 1, 2013 - Hygienic Solutions US of Fern Park, Florida announced today the commercial availability of their 100% non-toxic, organic solution “Stop Bugging Me” that promises an end to hospitality bed bug issues.

“The solution is unique in that it has been laboratory tested by ICR Labs, the EPA recommended independent laboratory, and has been proven to kill 100% of treated bugs within 15 minutes,” said Frances Grinstead, VP of Sales and Marketing for Hygienic Solutions. “The product is a non-toxic, organic solution made from plant oils that is EPA 25(b) certified.”

Stop Bugging Me is safe to spray directly on mattresses, curtains, linens, carpets, walls and furniture and is safe immediately after application to people and pets. 

“It is not a poison like typical pest solutions, rather it affects a receptor in the insect brain that causes the insect to hyper-accelerate all functions and essentially the bugs heart explodes,” noted Irv Kraut, Chief Scientist of Hygienic Solutions. “It is a true insecticide.”

In an independent test by ICR Laboratories, the preferred laboratory by the EPA for independent testing, “Spraying bed bugs with Stop Bugging Me! Knocked down >80% within 2 minutes of treatment for all bed bug strains. Bed Bug Spray Stop Bugging Me! was effective against the bed bug, providing complete mortality by 24 hours post treatment.” (Genovea M Collins, Study Coordinator, 7-19-2012)

Because Stop Bugging Me is not a poison, insects cannot adapt and evolve a resistance or tolerance like they can with other pesticides.

For more information about Stop Bugging Me! including MSDS, availability and special introductory pricing please visit or call  800-222-7771.

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