(McLean, VA, September 18, 2018) The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI), in collaboration with Cvent, is pleased to release Room Blocks in Real Time, a white paper on the benefits—for meeting planners, hotels, and event attendees—of managing group bookings at hotels by strategically applying software solutions. Group bookings for events are a key part of most hotels’ business, but managing room blocks has long been a cumbersome, time-consuming task. HSMAI and Cvent’s white paper seeks to inform hoteliers about real-time data tools that can result in smarter, more efficient group booking management. “Room block management is still a major pain point for hotels of all sizes and with increasing focus on data security from regulations like GDPR, the need for software solutions that automate time-consuming manual processes, maximize revenue opportunities, and ensure secure transfer of information is at an all-time high,” said Chris McAndrews, vice president of marketing for Cvent’s Hospitality Cloud. “Like us, HSMAI is committed to delivering the information and education hoteliers need to grow their group business and we are proud to partner with them to address the topic of room block management. Our hope is to illustrate the important role technology can play in managing group reservations and creating valuable upsell opportunities for hoteliers around the world.” An automated room block management system not only saves time and minimizes errors, it can also increase revenue, minimize interference from OTAs, and reduce group wash. Other key benefits of such software solutions for group booking shared in Room Blocks in Real Time are as follows:

  • Real-time data facilitates upselling and contributes to increased profits.
  • Elimination of traditional rooming lists decreases manual workload—and minimizes errors.
  • Connectivity to registration tools in real time provides a more comprehensive picture of the pace of room pickup.
  • Meeting planners can access information day or night, without having to contact a hotel’s housing manager.
  • Up-to-date data allows for flexibility for the hotel’s revenue management team and frees up time to focus on selling higher-value items, such as meeting breaks.
  • Customized websites for groups allow individual attendees to seamlessly make their own reservations—and to see the hotel’s personalized offerings for them during their stay.
  • Online group-booking solutions are more secure than traditional rooming lists and are GDPR compliant.
  • Meeting planners can most easily gain insight into rooming trends by block and room type, which they can share with C-suite and upper management.
  • Some software solutions feature deadline reminder alerts, which help both hotels and groups avoid penalties.

To view or download a copy of Room Blocks in Real Time, please visit the HSMAI Knowledge Center.