By Renie Cavallari

1. Be passionate and choose to play all in. How you play (engage) reflects the life you get to live. 2. Find what is right and build on it. Be aware of the allure of negativity. Nothing positive comes from negativity. 3. Strive for progress in all that you do… stop waiting for things to be perfect! Procrastination is foolish. 4. Head trash is the leading killer of your potential and your joy. Your mind set determines how you feel; how you feel determines how you think and act. 5. Find gratitude every day. The more you move from gratitude, the more joy you have! 6. Take a look around… who you hang with is who you become. Your environment and the people in it either limit or enhance your world. 7. Focus on what matters most. Watch out for the “shiny pennies” or the on-fire distractions that are really just noise. 8. Make your plan. Work your plan. Toss out dumb stuff on your plan. Rework your plan. Work your plan some more. Discuss your plan. Hold everyone accountable to executing your plan. 9. Regroup every Sunday for the next week. If you go into this week unorganized or mis-focused, you will be ineffective all week. If you don’t manage your time and priorities, you are sunk! 10. Stop hoping that someone else is going to motivate you. Only you have control of your motivational switch… so turn that damn thing on and go for it! When we know our motivations, we can tie our work into them and that fuels us. 11. Remember that leadership is a behavior, not a position. Live the 6 Pillars of Intentional Leadership. 12. Get a coach. Thank your coach. Be a coach. Take charge of your own development.

Now go out there and rock the world!