By Kacey Bradley

Like the wedding day itself, a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. That’s why customer-facing members of the hospitality industry have historically taken special care with honeymooning guests. But in recent years, the concept of “special care” has expanded to include extravagant perks, courtesy of hotels, airlines and any other businesses involved in the honeymooning process.

These perks aren’t just your standard champagne upon arrival and rose petals on the bed. Some resorts plan special excursions for their guests, arrange for romantic meals both in the room and in other beautiful parts of the grounds or add special touches to the room that will make a honeymoon (or any stay, for that matter) much more memorable. Stay on top of this growing trend and read on to learn what other hotels have cooked up for newlyweds.

Underwater Dining

It’s going to be pretty hard to beat an underwater dining experience, but at least the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, part of the Conrad Hotel in the Maldives, can serve as some exorbitant inspiration. Tucked away 16 feet beneath the ebbing ocean waves, the eatery’s stunning dining room lets honeymooners enjoy their seafood in the very waters from which it originated. It’s tucked away in the heart of a series of colorful coral gardens, only adding to the experience. The gourmet cuisine is just a bonus.

Vintage Touches

Some honeymooners are so overwhelmed by the wedding process that all they really want on their honeymoon is some privacy and calm. The Ace Hotel provides this peace and quiet, and it even throws it back to times that were simpler all around with some vintage touches in the hotel rooms. Case in point: the old school record players perched near each bed. They spin classic vinyl, reminding hotel guests of an era when Instagram didn’t even exist and wedding day photos existed solely on paper.

Breakfast in Bed

Another way hotels are keeping honeymooners happy (and well-fed) is by using room service to dole out special meals. The St. Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel in Greece, for instance, promises all newlyweds complimentary breakfast in bed every day — not to mention all the in-room champagne they can drink. For those honeymooners who actually want to leave the room, the hotel hosts a special four-course, candlelit dinner at an eatery that sits right along the edge of the beautiful pool.

High-End Pillows

Although it’s not technically specific to honeymooners, Sandals Royal Plantation certainly caters to lovebirds who are looking for something special. It consists solely of ocean-view suites staffed by private butlers. This means that new husbands and wives can have basically anything they want at any hour they want with just a snap of their fingers. Even if they decide to head out and lay by the pool, the ample staff that runs the rest of the resort won’t leave them without a drink in their hands for more than minutes.

Private Tours

Still, some other couples want to embark on an adventure during their honeymoon, something worthy of romantic snapshots that they can show off when they head back home. For pairs like these, options like the branch of Elegant Hotels in Barbados make sense. In addition to the amenities you’d probably expect for honeymooners, like spa days and champagne, Elegant Hotels also offers private sails aboard a catamaran for its amorous duos.

Elegant Hotels takes things one step further, designing a special after-dinner activity for couples. The hotel staff draws a romantic bath infused with tamarind essential oils for the googly-eyed pairs. It’s an easy enough amenity to offer, but honeymooners will likely see it as an over-the-top indulgence. What better way to cap off a romantic cruise on a catamaran than by sinking into a bubbly bath with your significant other?

Business Class Airfare

It’s not just hotels that are starting to offer special perks for honeymooning guests. Airlines have begun getting in on the action, too. While not all airlines promise specific packages for honeymooners, if the agent knows that guests are going on their post-wedding vacation, he will likely suggest booking business class. Even smaller planes offer a business class (if not first class), and some of the bonuses of flying business include top-shelf spirits and romantic snacks like chocolate-covered strawberries.

As you can see, hotels and airlines around the world have quickly caught wind that honeymooners expect the royal treatment. From gourmet dinners enjoyed among coral reefs and fishes to sunset sails on a private boat, the options for honeymoon indulgences are endless. Ensure that your hotel stays on the cutting edge of this trend by incorporating special packages for newlyweds. You don’t need to build an eatery underwater in order to impress honeymooners. Something as simple as a bubble bath will do.