#1 Action: Immediately Post Press Releases to Your Website for Instant Linking

Bentonville, AR – December 16, 2015 – Softscribe Inc., an award winning technology public relations firm based in Bentonville, AR, shares 3-steps hotel technology providers can take to increase sales and qualified referrals from social media channels.

“The digital nature of marketing today means small changes deliver big results for our best-in-class technology clients,” said Julie Keyser-Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc. “Fine-tuning the technical aspects and marketing processes behind a company’s social media presence is essential. To increase sales, tech companies must create benefit-oriented content, manage it, and engage on social media. Here are my top 3 suggestions.”

(1) When you distribute a news story, first post it on your company’s website. Do this immediately for linking purposes. This drives referrals back to your website, not back to distribution channel websites.

  • Also, include a customer quote and link it back to your website. Post it again on social media using links from hotel channels that pick up the news.

(2) Post the original, complete URL (from your website) on Facebook and LinkedIn.

(3) For Twitter, use the URL shortener www.tinyURL.com.

  • This way, you know any Google Analytics that use tinyURL are referred from your company’s Twitter page.

Squires also cited 3 marketing tactics that increase sales and social media referrals for Softscribe Inc.’s technology clients:

(A) For Facebook, give it a more personal feel. Example: If your team does an install, have the team take a photo of the property. Tag the property “Thank you for having us.” Also, check your Facebook settings so people can tag you.

(B) Put social media buttons on your email signature and a reminder on your company’s on-hold-phone messaging: “Connect with us on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.”

  • Have employees “Like” your pages.

(C) Congratulate customers for awards they win. Tag them on social media.

“The micro + visual trend is a powerful marketing force in social media,” Squires said. “Create a holiday image visual and a maximum 140-character message to export your technology company’s culture, brand promise and holiday well wishes.”

Softscribe Inc. suggests technology companies give their Facebook presence a personal feel, with a holiday visual image. (Photo by Sher Falls, dragonflydreams88)

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