Mobile iOS and Android Apps deliver instant notifications to housekeeping and maintenance staff to increase staff productivity and provide cost savings through operational efficiencies

Alameda, Calif. July 25, 2017] —Today owners and operators of limited-service hotels with 50+ rooms are communicating with staff and responding to guest requests faster and easier than ever before now that the HotelTap "digital log book in the cloud" is available as a Mobile App for Apple and Android devices, as well as Amazon tablets. HotelTap replaces notebooks, paper tickets, sticky notes, internal emails, spreadsheets, text messages and radios for recording and responding to guest requests, performing and tracking maintenance tasks, and resolving customer complaints. The new HotelTap mobile app is designed to share information via push notification between those who "need to know," from department to department, employee to manager, and manager to owner.

“Customers were asking for better functionality and ease of use on smaller devices like cell phones and tablets vs. the desktop or web link to access HotelTap,” said Sandip Jariwala, HotelTap founder. “To support that experience, developing a native language for mobile devices was the only way to go. Now that we are offering the HotelTap Mobile App, hotel staff are interacting with the system more efficiently than ever before. It’s saving considerable time for staff conducting room inspections, and mobile push notifications is proving to be the fastest way to receive requests and share them with appropriate staff or departments. Even bilingual employees are finding the HotelTap mobile app to be the easiest way to communicate.”

Hoteliers are using the HotelTap Mobile App for:

  • Pushing mobile notifications to employees
  • Setting tasks and marking them complete
  • Resolving complaints
  • Managing Waitlists, Lost & Found and Group Reservations
  • Creating recurring checklists for shifts, inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Searching messages or information with tags and words
  • Retrieving equipment records to make informed expense decisions
  • Attaching documents, photos and videos to notes and tasks
  • Storing data and notifications
  • Filing Daily Activity Reports to keep a paper trail of communications
  • Receiving data security with daily backups

Mobile App Streamlining Management / Maintenance Tasks

The Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham – Oakland/Alameda was the first property to go live with HotelTap when it launched in 2015. It also was the first hotel to test the Mobile App. Selma Becirovic, assistant general manager, said the new format is dramatically helping her to be more efficient.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of HotelTap, and now that it’s available as a Mobile App, I love it even more,” Becirovic said. “Before, I would receive text messages with employee or guest requests and have to enter my responses into the digital log book. That was fine, because any digital process is better than a manual one. Now that we are using push notifications within the app, my job has been made that much easier. When a push notification comes in, I can immediately see the posting, rather than having to click on a link that would take me to the system where I would select a message to retrieve it. Now, with just one click, I can reply to whomever needs my help. The HotelTap Mobile App keeps me connected with everyone and everything that is happening at my hotel.”

Migrating from the desktop version of HotelTap to the Mobile App format is easy. Once a user logs in, everything functions as it had before – just better. And, because HotelTap is available to hotels in a subscription model, there is no additional cost to operate the system via the Mobile App vs the desktop.

Victor Gonzalez, shift manager responsible for preventive maintenance at the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham – Oakland/Alameda, said he appreciates the HotelTap Mobile App for its “convenience.”

“Being able to receive push notifications from anywhere on property through the HotelTap Mobile App is such a huge time saver,” Gonzalez said. “Rather than having to check in with the front desk to see what needs done, I can be anywhere on the premises. When a work order comes in – whether it’s a push notification to fix a leaky faucet or address a problem with a TV – I can respond immediately. Better yet, updates happen in real time. Rather than waiting to log back in to see if tasks are complete, I can see everything in real time. The HotelTap Mobile App consolidates everything we need in one convenient, digital format. Gone are the days of walkie talkies and sticky notes; all you need today to communicate effectively and manage maintenance efficiently is the HotelTap Mobile App.”

Schedule a Demo HotelTap is available for one low annual fee, based on a hotel’s size. The system provides 24/7 security, as all property data is securely stored on HotelTap's cloud servers with daily backups. Round-the-clock LIVE technical support also is provided. To schedule a demo of the HotelTap Mobile App, click here. For more information on HotelTap, visit or call (844) 381-7221.