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Independent hotel in Boise transitions transient roomnights to seven-day minimum extended stays - thanks to the raised occupancy 

[SAN JOSE, CALIF. - March 5, 2015] - When The Bond Hotel and Extended Stay in Boise, Idaho, was purchased by United Hospitality LLC, owner Jason Purkiss noticed that: the 57-room mixed-use ApartHotel was operating without a property-management system. Immediately, Purkiss began a search for a cloud-based PMS; his choice was Hotelogix. Almost immediately after installation, occupancy at the property jumped from 55 percent to 95 percent.

"This property operated for many years without a PMS, and it proved to be a real disadvantage," Purkiss said. "Immediately I began looking for a PMS that could provide real-time visibility of available rooms. The system needed to be easy to navigate and communicate in real time with third-party distributors and online travel agents. We looked at a lot of systems, but only Hotelogix had the above property performance monitoring and flexible rate and inventory control we needed in a single platform."

Hotelogix, with its integrated rate manager, automatically assigns rates based on length of stay to maximize revenues. Based on demand in the local area for long term lodging, Purkiss said he transitioned the apartment complex to an extended stay hotel. "Today, occupancy remains steady at 95 percent, thanks to Hotelogix," he said.

Hotelogix is the only cloud PMS currently used in 75 countries, and it's the easiest PMS to get started with. The system offers all the tools needed to run front desk operations, including an integrated Hotel Booking Engine for websites, unlimited POS for restaurants and spa, housekeeping, and user reports. Front desk staff can use the system in their preferred language of choice, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Russan, Spanish, Arabic and Thai.

"Hotelogix is the easiest PMS to use in the cloud -- and that's no exaggeration," Purkiss said. "While filling rooms and generating revenues is important, so is employee peace of mind. I didn't want to invest in a system that would frustrate my staff and require complex training. Some of the best employees are from the older generation; they excell at customer service, but lack in technology aptitude. The Hotelogix single-point dashboard can be used by anyone with minimal training. If questions do arise, Hotelogix offers 24x7 customer support."

As a mid-size independent property, Purkiss said operating in the cloud was a must.   

"Some companies we talked to wanted us to host our PMS on a local server; that wouldn't do," he said. "Working above property is pivitol. Relying on hosted exchange to store emails offsite is becoming the norm for hotels, and its beneficial to host the PMS in the same way. Having the flexibility to access Hotelogix remotely and see what's going on at the hotel at any moment is critical to making smart business decisions. As an owner, I don't want to worry about technology or having to employ an IT guy on staff to manage the server. I also don't want to deal with backing up my data. With Hotelogix, everything is stored securely in the cloud. I prefer to leave the technology to the experts so I can stay focused on my staff and guests." 

Starting with FrontDesk

The Bond Hotel and Extended Stay is fully engaged with the Hotelogix FrontDesk module and its fully-integrated channel management solution. The FrontDesk module is enabling Bond Hotel staff to book rooms, change rates, upgrade rooms and manage transactions with a simple right click and drag and drop.


The  Channel Manager is seamlessly integrated with the FrontDesk, and a web booking engine is also provided. All rates and availability are updated in real time across all channels. This tool is dramatically simplifying OTA management for Purkiss and his staff. With property inventory always open to all distributors, travelers can easily find a room for the dates they are looking for, thereby increasing bookings and revenues. 

With Hotelogix, the Bond Hotel and Extended Stay is communicating rates and room availability live across all channels. When a reservation is created or canceled on one channel, the room inventory gets automatically updated across all the channels. The property doesn't need to manually capture reservation details because the information is automatically saved and uploaded into FrontDesk. Bookings are instantly visible, and errors associated with inconsistent or incorrect room rates are eliminated.

"The Bond Hotel is enjoying maximum occupancy because Hotelogix is capturing reservations that previously could have been lost through a manual system," said Aditya Sanghi, Hotelogix CEO. "By managing property operations in the cloud, the Bond Hotel is operating smarter, and at maximum occupancy." 

About Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a unique, cloud-based, end-to-end, hospitality technology solution, built to seamlessly manage hotels, resorts, serviced apartments or multi-location hotel chains, by providing a single window to manage all hotel operations and bookings (online and offline). Hotelogix also integrates with travel agent networks and external booking sites, providing a wider inventory distribution, along with real-time integration with partner sites, group booking websites, and other central reservation systems. Hotelogix is used by both new hotels, hotels previously unable to afford such 360 degree technology, and hotels looking to replace legacy systems with a web-based SaaS solution, which gives greater functionality and a higher level of integrations for distribution of inventory. Hotelogix offers 24x7 live support and transparent pricing plans to its customers, and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services. Founded in 2008, Hotelogix is used in more than 75 countries including the USA, UK, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore and is backed by Accel Partners. 

Independent hotels and small- to medium-sized group properties can now enjoy the benefits of the Hotelogix cloud-based PMS at no cost. Through its new "Freemium" program, Hotelogix will give one user license of its premium cloud-based PMS to any hotel owner wishing to experience a simplified, yet robust system in a SaaS environment. To experience the Hotelogix PMS at no cost, click here to sign up for the Freemium program. For more information on the Hotelogix Freemium program, contact or call +1-214-245-4631. For details about Hotelogix, visit www.hotelogix.com

Contact: Sourabh Mathur / (214) 245-4631

About Bond Hotel and Extended Stay

Each unit at the Bond Hotel is designed and decorated for extended stay guests. Guests can choose from a studio unit or a one bedroom studio or one bedroom loft. Each is equipped with a desk and chair, and fully stocked kitchen with full size appliances. Special rates are available to guests requiring stays of more than one week. The Bond Hotel and Extended Stay is located just five minutes from downtown Boise, and a five minute walk to the grocery store. The freeway is located one mile from the property for quick access around town. For more information, visit

Contact: for media: Barb Worcester, PRPRO / (440) 930-5770

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