CLEARWATER, Fla. — June 18, 2018 — Hotel Internet Services (HIS) has unveiled a series of new technology enhancements to its popular BeyondTV platform, an advanced solution that allows hoteliers to leverage existing guestroom televisions to provide guests with the ability to wirelessly cast a variety of content from their personal smart devices. The enhanced platform is now equipped with an array of additional features that further boost guest satisfaction, property efficiency and revenue earning potential. In addition to allowing hotel guests to access their own mobile and subscription-based streaming content on a larger screen, BeyondTV now offers the ability to rent streamed video content from a large and continuously updated online library, and allows guests to use their voice to control television and room amenities. In addition to the guest-facing enhancemeets, another newly added operational feature allows hoteliers to upload customizable promotional videos, along with an enhanced management interface that ensures efficient and easy operation of the platform at all times.

Serving as an advanced comprehensive in-room entertainment and communications platform, BeyondTV equips guests with the ability to wirelessly cast an array of personal content, from streaming accounts to access to social media networks as well as personal videos and photos that are stored on smart devices. With the recent addition that allows guests to rent content from an online library, guests using BeyondTV now have the option to enjoy the same material that they watch at home, and to benefit from access to the latest and most popular video titles, potentially increasing hotel revenues. Unlike traditional video-on-demand services, this new feature does not require an on-site server to operate and is far more cost-effective to implement.

The new BeyondTV platform has also added voice control functionality via integration with Amazon’s Alexa, providing users with the ability to fully control all television functions using simple voice commands. This functionality also allows guests to control guestroom systems, such as thermostats and lighting, using only their voice, and even make requests, such room service or to find out specific hotel information.

“BeyondTV is not only about providing hoteliers with the ability to affordably implement smart technology features that consumers have become accustomed to at home, but is also able to provide guests with access to new experiences that make their hotel stay more memorable,” says Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “Along with the new video streaming on demand functionality and voice control, BeyondTV’s new features further present hoteliers with an opportunity to maximize revenues, while boosting guest satisfaction, loyalty and property efficiency.”

By including the ability to upload property-customized videos, BeyondTV also allows hoteliers to inform guests of ongoing promotions, available amenities or details on other properties owned by a hotel brand. Such videos can be configured to play when a guest first enters a guestroom or when a television has been left idle for a pre-determined length of time. Each video can also be set to loop or play sequentially, presenting guests with useful information in an effective manner, while allowing them to stop videos by pressing any button on the remote control.

With the new management interface, hotel engineers are now able to quickly access and determine if all BeyondTV functions are operating accordingly. For example, staff can determine if the platform is connected to the Wi-Fi network, along with determining signal strength. Engineers can quickly troubleshoot any issues and can reset features, such as welcome messages or adult content PINs, if needed. BeyondTV further provides a web tool that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This allows hoteliers to remotely obtain details on system health for each unit, and additionally can provide statistical graphs on peak time usage, as well as details on the most used apps.

HIS will be showcasing BeyondTV’s latest capabilities at booth #701 at HITEC Houston, taking place June 19-21, 2018. To schedule a demonsration of BeyondTV during HITEC or for more information about the full range of technology solutions available from Hotel Internet Services, please contact Gary Patrick at 866-265-7575 Ext. 705 or email [email protected].