CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – May 23, 2017 – Clear Sky Software, Inc.®, a leader in food and beverage inventory control systems, announced today that the company’s software is now available as a hosted solution.

Clear Sky’s hosted software, provided as a service to end users, is billed on a pay-as-you-go monthly fee. This lowers implementation costs and makes funding new software projects easier. The complexities of servers and data storage are removed from the customer’s IT budgets and customer data is stored on replicated servers for redundant protection. Since the company’s hosted software is managed and upgraded by Clear Sky IT professionals, users always have access to the most updated software.

“The availability of our systems as hosted solutions is good news for organizations wanting access to all of our inventory applications at a lower up-front cost. We also remove some burden from organization’s IT resources by managing software updates and data backup services. For companies that prefer on-premise software, we will continue to support and provide these products too. Choice is always a good thing and we welcome any company that desires better inventory management of food, beverage, housekeeping, tableware and retail inventory items” Jay Williams, Director of Marketing & Sales