Hotel technology innovator introduces breakthrough best practices every hotelier needs to know to drive direct bookings, monetize features, be more competitive with OTAs and vacation rentals, as well as deliver on guest expectations

Santa Cruz, CA (January 24, 2017) – Increasing profits and exceeding guest expectations are among the top goals for any hotel executive. That is what inspired hospitalityPulse™, a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions for the hotel industry, to develop an eBook that goes beyond the same old strategies to explore the paradigm of what it means to sell a hotel room.

The insightful guide, titled, “Make A Lot More Money from Your Hotel Rooms” shares best practices that span two essential and overlooked areas of hotel operations: how hotels sell rooms to guests and how the front desk does its job in delivering those rooms. Every one of the topics covered has an immediate impact on a hotels ability to drive direct bookings, monetize assets, be more competitive with third parties and vacation rentals, as well as deliver on guest expectations. Cumulatively, these have far-reaching effects on reputation, pricing, and profitability.

‘Hotels have yet to fully realize their ability to profit on a guest room by not only taking stock of and merchandising what they have to offer – but also by delivering on exactly what was booked once the guest arrives,” explains Pierre Boettner, the company’s CEO. “Today’s guests will no longer accept excuses or settle for not getting the room they thought they booked. Instead they will share their dismay on social media and take their business to your competitors. By letting guests ‘assemble’ the perfect room for their personalized stay, hotels can increase revenue, and take guest satisfaction to a whole new level.”

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