PITTSBURGH, June 23, 2020 – “I came onboard Horizon Properties Group in late 2015 and started to review cloud-based hotel accounting software systems. This was three years before the CV19 difficulty began. When we deployed Aptech’s PVNG Enterprise Accounting this February we did not plan for a pandemic, but PVNG has been instrumental in our business continuity because now we can oversee financial performance and effectively manage operations remotely,” said Joshua M. Morgan, CHTP, director of technology and infrastructure for Horizon Properties Group, LLC.

Horizon Hospitality LLC specializes in hotel ownership, partner relationships, and hotel management services. Its portfolio includes Hilton, Marriott, and independent properties. PVNG is an enterprise hotel accounting software financial system that supports one property or large multi-brand, multi-property portfolios. It uses the most current technology platform incorporating AP, GL, A/R, statistics, financials, and bank reconciliation with easy to use browser navigation. Aptech is an IBM Premier Solution Provider and Prophix Premier Business Partner offering web-enabled business intelligence, budgeting, and hotel accounting software. Click here for more on Aptech’s products and services.

Horizon previously used Aptech’s Profitvue® on-premise back office system. “We evaluated another system, then selected PVNG because Aptech could convert all our property data and migrate it to our multi-property corporate PVNG platform,” said Morgan. “Aptech’s support is very professional; its team understands the hotel business from the inside. PVNG lets us remotely pay our vendors and coordinate the A/P workflow with our GMs. Our VP looks at all payments and invoices personally and can approve them remotely on her tablet from wherever she is. Remote cloud financial management was a major factor in our PVNG decision.”

Horizon is a family owned, hands-on operator. “Our VP runs her own reports to generate the performance information she needs to make financial decisions,” Morgan said. “She reviews all costs for each vendor, and often drills down into a specific property for that vendor. This is an easy process in PVNG that helps her provide timelier executive oversite. She also provides ownership reporting for each Horizon investor. This comes from PVNG and details each investor’s area of interest. PVNG also lets us compare Hilton’s property reports with Horizon Hospitality’s budgeting and expense data. Our executive team works late and travels, and PVNG lets them oversee operations wherever they are. Even with CV19 taking place, PVNG lets our executive team work more efficiently to serve our properties and investors.”

Aptech VP Cam Troutman said, “Horizon Hospitality’s team is doing a great job of leveraging mobile technology to operate its properties during CV19’s impact on business. Aptech is happy to support the creative management processes Horizon implemented with PVNG. We are proud of how Horizon is handling the current issue.”