Scottsdale, AZ (August 24, 2017) HMBookstore, the leading source of online training and education courses for hotels and restaurants, today announced the addition of a new national sales agent program aimed at direct delivery of its eLearning program to the doorstep of individual hotels and restaurants across the country. Currently, 50 independent sales agents have signed agreements with HMBookstore to meet and advocate with hotel managers/owners the benefits of effective hiring and training to ensure superior guest experience, increase employee satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

HMBookstore, the training development division of the hotel management company, Tristar Hotel Group, was originally created to provide consistent training for managers and employees at its own hotels. The eLearning system has continued to evolve and expand over recent years. To date, there are over 125 online courses covering virtually every job function in a hotel or restaurant. Course content is continually updated and kept relevant with new courses being consistently added. Courses are available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

HMBookstore has grown over the years from its days of relying exclusively on word-of-mouth and a website to generate interest in course offerings to its new national sales force organization. Over 500 hotels and 22 colleges and universities use HMBookstore to supplement classroom training in their hotel and restaurant management schools.

“With over 54,000 hotels and more than a million restaurants in the U.S., we’ve determined that the upward trajectory and demand for effective training requires our sales efforts to be as big as the market,” said Ken Edwards, CEO of Tristar and HMBookstore.

Sales representatives were rigorously interviewed and selected based on experience in sales and knowledge of the hospitality industry, as well as to provide geographic distribution.

HMBookstore courses have been featured on the Travel Channel’s hit television show, “Hotel Impossible,” as a key instrument used by show host, Anthony Melchiorri, to train hotel employees to be more effective and guest engaged. The show regularly demonstrates the dramatic improvement in quality of service and guest engagement resulting from proper training of employees through HMBookstore.

Businesses interested in HMBookstore training courses or individuals looking to join the HMBookstore sales organization, contact Brian Walski at (480) 391-6300 or [email protected].