Info-Tech will provide HFTP members access to benchmarking and diagnostic programs along with research from the Gaming & Hospitality Research Center

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 18, 2016) – Global nonprofit association, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), has partnered with information technology research and advisory company, Info-Tech Research Group to offer HFTP members a selection of one of Info-Tech’s diagnostic programs free of charge, as well as access to leading research from the Gaming & Hospitality Research Center.

“HFTP’s partnership with Info-Tech Research Group is something I’ve really been looking forward to sharing with our members,” explains HFTP CEO Frank Wolfe, CAE. “Info-Tech is providing our members with useful tools and resources to excel in their careers, which is one of HFTP’s biggest goals.”

HFTP members will be able to select a diagnostic program from one of Info-Tech’s three domains: infrastructure, strategy and leadership, or applications. Info-Tech’s diagnostic programs utilize powerful analytic engines to build reports based on a business and its stakeholders. These reports will assist HFTP members in making critical business decisions. One of the newest diagnostic programs, the IT Security Diagnostic Program, is a low effort, high impact program designed to help IT security leaders assess and improve their security practices.

Along with the diagnostic program, HFTP members will also receive research one piece from Info-Tech’s Gaming & Hospitality Research Center. The available research can be used to research to understand how existing systems compare to other similar solutions available in the industry, and implement critical technology projects using their step-by-step industry specific blueprints. The Gaming & Research Hospitality Research Center has recently released reports on topics such as EMV liability, iGaming platforms, and CRM suites for gaming, leisure and hospitality.

Further, HFTP members who purchase a full Info-Tech Core Package membership will receive an additional three months of complimentary Core Package access. Core Package membership gives up to three IT executives daily access to actionable solutions with tactical tools, diagnostic programs and unlimited analyst guidance along with accelerated on-site workshops and consulting services (at an additional cost).

For more information, please visit HFTP’s Info-Tech program webpage or contact [email protected].