Summary: HEBS Digital’s innovative smartCMS® website technology platform was named the best travel merchandising solution provider in North America at the 2018 World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America Gala ceremony.

New York (September 25, 2018) – HEBS Digital, a leader in hotel digital marketing and technology, was named the leading travel merchandising solution provider in North America by the World Travel Awards. HEBS Digital received this award in recognition of their innovative smartCMS® website technology platform and will be honored at the 2018 World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America Gala ceremony. The award is one of the region’s most prestigious travel and tourism technology awards honoring excellence in the hospitality industry.

Founded in 1993, the World Travel Awards is an established organization created to acknowledge, reward, and celebrate excellence across all key sectors of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Today, the World Travel Awards brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence.

“At HEBS Digital, we constantly innovate and strive to provide a best-in-class CMS solution for the industry. Our team is focused on delivering new features and functionalities that help power our client's easy-to-use, fast, and revenue generating websites”, said Eric Ruvio, Chief Software Engineer at HEBS Digital. “It is humbling when respected organizations like World Travel Awards recognize us for our hard work and dedication.”

The smartCMS® is the core of HEBS Digital’s guest acquisition suite and powers some of the most cutting-edge and revenue-driving hospitality websites in the industry today. HEBS Digital’s award-winning team of innovative programmers, developers, and designers work together to power the smartCMS® and keep it at the forefront of the industry.

At HEBS Digital, the team constantly makes edits and updates to improve the smartCMS® website technology platform. The team completes updates in 6-week “sprints” with the goal of improving the technology to better serve its users: the hotelier. Some key features and benefits include:

  • A Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud-First Technology, with 50+ modules
  • Fully responsive multi-property, multi-brand, and single property hotel website designs
  • Optimizations for mobile with innovations like Google AMP Enablement
  • Ability to serve personalized website messaging
  • A Merchandising Platform, allowing the hotelier to sell on value vs. sell on rate
  • A suite of Reservation Recovery tools to recover abandoned reservations
  • Numerous modules that can be implemented to increase conversion rate of hotel bookings and upsell potential
  • Full compliance with SEO best practices with innovations such as automated schema coding

Clients of HEBS Digital who utilize the smartCMS® Website Technology Platform see unparalleled results including an average low cost of sale of 4.5% and an average ROI of 2,200% – 22 times the investment in working with HEBS Digital.