Hapi’s hotel customers can now benefit from integrated and enriched data streams within Salesforce

Orlando, Fla. – April 9, 2019 – Hapi, a transformative new data streaming, integration and enrichment platform designed to solve the hotel industry’s rapidly expanding data management challenges, today announced that it has launched Hapi Connect on Salesforce AppExchange. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Hapi Connect is now available on AppExchange.

The new Hapi Connect application provides a robust toolset for hotel companies, allowing them to make use of the valuable hotel systems data accessed from the PMS and other hotel systems via the Hapi platform, in a manner that can scale to a portfolio of any size. The Hapi Connect package allows for a bi-directional synchronization of reservations, as well as guest and company profiles, and provides a set of Salesforce Lightning components and controls to interact with hotel data. By offering this application via Salesforce AppExchange, Hapi is providing users with easy access to this enhanced functionality.

“We developed Hapi Connect in order to further our mission to help hoteliers innovate faster by removing integration constraints,” said Luis Segredo, president and CEO of Data Travel, LLC, the developer of the Hapi platform. “Salesforce’s extensibility makes it a great platform upon which to innovate, and Hapi Connect empowers users with real time hotel data. This new connector can help solve the industry-wide challenge of integrating the various data streams generated by disparate property systems, such as the PMS, CRS and others, and making them actionable.”

For more information, please visit hapicloud.io.