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By Katie Scheer

It's an obvious and fitting time of year to discuss "giving thanks." It's certainly a time of reflection as we pause and think of all that we are thankful for, both personally and professionally. In business, the #1 thing we should be thankful for is our customers. It should come as no surprise to you that we are thankful for them, but do they feel appreciated? A simple "thank you" to them has become such a habit and ordinary part of our scripts and emails, so do you really think they pause when they hear or read those words and think, "Wow, they really appreciate me and the business I am giving them"9.5 times out of 10, the answer is no. 

How do we change this? First of all, when you decide to truly state your appreciation for them, take the time to make your message more personalized and from the heart. Did you know that sending an email with just the sole intent of saying "thank you" has an enormous impact? It does! Don't stop there—showing your "thanks" is the best way to leave a lasting impact on your customers. Here's what we all should do in order to make sure that our customers know and feel that we appreciate them:

To those of you who celebrate this holiday, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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ProSolutions is a consulting firm focusing on the hospitality industry dedicated to improving the customer experience by helping companies be the best they can be with exceptional customer service and sales processes, all supported by smart pricing.

The company’s solutions center around three areas:  mystery shopping (featuring actionable recommendations with every evaluation), competitor pricing analysis (target pricing opportunities by seeing your pricing compared to your competitors), and training & certification (in-person and/or computer-based training customized to your team and needs). 

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