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PARK CITY, Utah, September 25, 2013 - GCommerce Solutions, a hospitality-focused digital marketing company known for driving significant incremental revenue for branded and independent hotels worldwide, is expanding its own global footprint with new contracts for two hotels, the Equus Hotel, Marina Tower Waikiki, and a new restaurant, Park, in Waikiki, Hawaii. 

The announcement comes on the heels of the news that Principal Hayley Hotels and Coast Hotels, comprising 63 hotels in North America, France and the U.K., engaged GCommerce for their digital marketing endeavors. 

Firmly establishing its footprint in the Waikiki hotel market, GCommerce will launch a repositioning program for the Equus Hotel and Marina Tower Waikiki that capitalizes on the hotels' unique qualities.  An updated website and highly targeted search marketing will be part of the overall effort.

"The owners of the Equus are very involved in the worldwide polo community, and they bring that passion to the hotel experience through its Ralph Lauren-styled décor and the activities that are offered including complimentary tickets to polo matches in season," GCommerce President Chris Jackson added.  "Its location near the convention center makes the Equus an ideal location for business travelers looking for an authentic Hawaiian experience in the heart of the state's business district. We intend to capitalize on these distinctions in ways that have not been fully explored before now."

The Marina Tower Waikiki offers guests one of the most expansive views of any Waikiki property, and with just four rooms per floor, the 136 studio/suite hotel has some of the most intimate rooms on this bustling island.  

"Both properties offer unique experiences and accommodations that are extremely attractive to today's travelers," Jackson said. "Our first order of business will be to develop custom websites that tell their stories in a compelling way and create effective search marketing campaigns that will put both of these properties on the map as Waikiki must-stays," 

GCommerce is further expanding its presence in Hawaii with the launch of Park, a new Mediterranean-influenced restaurant, which opened this summer in the Lotus Honolulu, an Aqua Hotel & Resort.  Utilizing innovative social media campaigns, including Instagram conversations about the dining experience and a twitter campaign called "What's on #ParksPlate" that focuses on daily specials and seasonally hot ingredients, the GCommerce team's strategy is to engage the local community as a means of developing a tourist business.

"In a destination like Waikiki, where competition is fierce and repeat visitation is limited due to the island's remote location, reaching tourists is an expensive proposition," Jackson explained.  "Our strategy is to develop a base of regular customers by showcasing our chef, his food and his local suppliers on social media channels.  As our neighbors become invested in the restaurant through regular visits and social engagement, they'll share the experience with the visitors they meet, and we'll establish a tourist trade as a result.  Visitors like to find a 'local's recommendation' when they travel, and we expect this to be a highly effective way to quickly attain trial and acceptance by a local audience while we establish the restaurant's reputation.

"For years, hotels, restaurants and theaters have marketed to local concierges, taxi drivers and others who come in contact with visitors," Jackson added.  "We simply are applying new technology to the tried and true, proving that online marketing need not be a costly endeavor."

About GCommerce

Headquartered in Park City, Utah, GCommerce is a hospitality-focused digital marketing company that offers integrated marketing solutions as unique as the hotels they serve.  GCommerce's comprehensive strategies draw their strength from the synergy of multiple disciplines working in concert to drive industry leading revenues via increased market share capture.   For more information, please visit

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